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Three nations battle for control of the dwindling resources of salt and iron
Command a group of warriors as Serenoa, heir to the Kingdom of Glenbrook in a tangled plot where your decisions make all the difference. Key choices you make will bolster one of three convictions—Utility, Morality, Liberty—which together make up Serenoa’s world view and influence how the story will unfold. When faced with truly momentous decisions, multiple characters will weigh in by casting their votes on the Scales of Conviction. In these moments, the allies and decisions you make can determine the fate of whole nations and the continent of Norzelia itself.

Control multi-tiered battlefields to strategically secure victory

Finding the best location in turn-based battles can tip the tide of combat in your favor. Position units on higher ground to take control of the battlefield and gain the advantage with increased range. You can also flank enemies on both sides, then strike from behind for a powerful follow-up attack. Elemental chain reactions are also an important part of combat. For example, use fire to melt icy terrain, then use lightning to electrocute it. Push the enemy into the electrified water to see sparks fly!

Release date
Square Enix
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for Nintendo Switch

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Last Modified: Mar 9, 2022

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Corpo route (Hard diff) in Triangle Strategy then Genshin at 10pm pst
Triangle Strategy Hard Corpa/Rat Route then Lost Ark Abyss at 10pm pst
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TRIANGLE STRATEGY reviews and comments

That I'm the first positive entry for this on here is a sin but I suppose it also dates me - I love FFT and Vandal Hearts, I'm one of the guys who kept hoping for another Tactics and didn't really count the GBA ones. "No, give me a real FFT sequel!" This is the closest we'll ever come to it with deep, fun grid battles set to bombastic music where rival houses conspire against each other in a fantasy swords and sorcery setting that would fit perfectly in the Final Fantasy catalog (ignoring the 2D-HD thing that's not very FF) if only it were for some changes.

You'll love the characters or despise them with good reason but only if you play it like it's for the PS1, meaning turn OFF the voice acting. Switching it to Japanese helps only somewhat as their performances are good and all but still lacking in enthusiasm and pomp. The English dub, however, is the worst I've heard since Suikoden Teirkreis, almost reaching Chaos Wars Youtube Comp levels of "I don't care, I'm getting paid to be here" lazy. It actually breaks my heart a little bit because I love voice acting, the craft of it, and seeing young people who got lucky gigs through their agencies figuring "hey, it's for some RPG and you do anime, right?" is insulting when I know randos on Twitch streaming this are already doing a better job. Reading it will allow for your imagination to actually fill in the gaps with how you believe the lines should be read. Intonation and conveying emotion is kind of important when you're reading like 5 novels worth of text, you know? The second thing I'd change is something more of a nitpick but the music, while seriously good, loops way soon as the tracks aren't very long so you're gonna hum to yourself the 2 minute tracks while reading the much much longer than 2 minutes of dialogue for each scene. And there's a bunch of it. The world-building, despite a pretty small world map with very few major players, is rich and there's a lot to the story.

I can understand not feeling this one if you were expecting just a casual breeze through a fun TRPG or another Fire Emblem/Langrisser and NOT having to wade through an intro and outro between battles and I hope the really fun combat can make up for it for some of you guys because this one's already a classic in my opinion.
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«Just one more turn»
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