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You were chosen to execute the Protocol program. Your goal is to establish the first contact with the alien life form.
You have to perform a number of tasks under the control of artificial intelligence, on the territory of the research center, built around the wrecked alien ship. Any violation of the rules will lead to the elimination of you and the whole operation.
Remember, the fate of humanity could depend on your actions.
After you have agreed, the "Protocol" comes into force.Have A Nice Day.
P.S. Protocol - It’s a first person action-adventure game, where you have to solve complex problems exposed by the artificial intelligence of the complex and at the same time conduct your own investigation.
Welcome to the Complex: dive into a tense, moving plot, actions of which take place in the secret complex somewhere in the Arctic circle.
VR+PC: You can play in VR and on PC, using familiar WASD + mouse look mode.
Secrets and mysteries of the complex: explore and find out all the plot twists. What would you choose: Follow the Protocol? Or go against the system? It's up to you.

Release date
Fair Games Studio
Prototype Games
Fair Games Studio, Prototype Games
Age rating
18+ Adults Only

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Win 7 or higher
  • Processor: i5
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Storage: 3 GB available space

System requirements for PlayStation 4

System requirements for Xbox One

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Last Modified: May 3, 2021

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1,000,000 items
Do you have enough patience?
Defeated a drone projecting AI many times.
Use a hint 50 times.
Found all the hidden Easter eggs during the "system configuration".
I see you like taking crazy risks.
"Called" a combat drone.
This password belongs here
Entered the iconic password in the first terminal.
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Protocol reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
In the Beginning everything was fine, beautifully reclined with the Gamepad in Hand wandering through the Station. Then came an asteroids mini-name, that wasn't too bad now. During the Hacking: Flappy Bird, Doodle Jump, Space Invaders and a Breakout Game. With all The Minigames, the Controls were cruel and one was glad when it was over. As The game progresses, a Spot comes where it goes into the Virtual Reality of the Alien Ship. Sounds exciting, but it isn't. To top it all off, the Graphics change from normal to Incredibly Pixelig, which I didn't find appropriate at all unless the Ship has a 336er As a board computer. It also got Action richer and I decided to switch to mouse and keyboard and The next nasty Surprise: The keys can't be occupied any other way!! The pixular Spot made up Half of the Game, after which one was back in the Station. On The Gameplay in general: The Beginning was great, the Protocol must be followed, Aliens investigate, The "Ex-wife," etc. But at some point nothing New comes along and the Game degenerates into the Standard which I have found a pity. Not only was the Game bad, but the negative Impressions Outweigh it and for that Reason, unfortunately, I can only give a Thumbs down.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
The Entry of a great Tie-up is no tie Between the knot and the culmination of well so the Culmination of Chic Interchange (and) As for me was pumped up (and), IMHO have not rounded up Now on the game. At The Moment (22, 11, 2018 21:00 MSK) in the game moderate number of bugs, in the vast majority of serious difficulties they do not cause, even if they are critical (broken scripts and there is no way to go further), then banal return to the control point Helps, and it in 95% of cases will be close enough (no more than 2 minutes of play). According to the saves-there is no possibility to make their "out of the box", just climb into the folder with the saves and make copies, and given that the game has 7 (8 if Count zero) endings, it is quite critical. By the gameplay-never once had to do something that was repeated at least once. Constantly something new is introduced, bored does not come. By shooting-did not expect to shoot at all. In General-Kall, shoot is not convenient, the shells are long enough, orievye not very quickly (I mean all the parasites immediately say that the first parasite that the second), it is a scribe Kosan, in the 10th gets only the first shot, the rest go anywhere, but not in the target, it Pain. And to shoot in the end must be so much. Conversations-10/10 Oh my God! The Dialogue is put chic, jokes where it is necessary, Fejylam not put in the course of the game (Hello Kolda), Mate! Thank God they left the mat, it just fits perfectly. It serves not as the words of the compounds as "type", "Well" and "bl9", it is involved as an emotion hyperbolator. According to the Voice-Cube in Cuba voiced simply Kashherno, not just bubesh, and expressively so (not verses raskazasvajut, relax))), with emotions where it is necessary, with cries and calm speech, creates a feeling that there is REALLY a person in this complex, and not a chump which You manage, of course, not without jambs intonation, but it is not very striking in the ears (badams). Ingonly did not listen. On Translation-XZ, well, type, Kamon)))) As far as I understood the game did Domestic razslaves so what is the translation? But if they did, then it is quite qualitative, all the sentences are consistent, and they all add up to a valid dialogue of Man and AI))) On The total-10/10 about God's game I advise, but after hotfiks, if you can not wait to start immediately. The Game is good, but with their own, as they say nuances)
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