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A Puyo Puyo clone that was developed in C++, to experiment in the development of PC games from scratch (with only access to SDL as a library, no other engine or framework).

Played in a 16x8 grid, pieces drop in pairs from the top of the screen. It is up to the player to make them fall in such a way that combines them in chains of more than 4 with blocks of the same color. Doing this, the blocks get eliminated. The game ends when the blocks reach the top of the screen.

The control scheme is based on the default keyboard control scheme for Puyo Champions, while also allowing for an optional version with WASD.

Some features include:

- "Levels" based on the player's point score,  which determine game speed

- Saved scores and a high score table

- Preview of upcoming pieces

- "Holding" pieces, allowing the player to keep one piece in reserve and swap it out for the current piece when needed

- Being able to instantly drop pieces to the bottom, allowing players to play at a faster pace

- Detection of combos, destruction chains and cleared boards, notifying the player with visual and sound effects (plus a point bonus)

Some of these features were taken from Puyo games, while the holding feature is present in modern Tetris.

System requirements for PC

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Last Modified: Dec 10, 2021

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