Puzzle Quest: Galactrix reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The Bugs in this Game aren't quite as bad as described in many Reviews, but I've had 3-4 Crashes myself in which the Game is frozen. This is not quite as tragic as the Game is constantly saving in. Otherwise, this Puzzle quest Is Part, unfortunately by Far the Worst: The Degree Of difficulty is practically non-existent, as these Kind of Puzzles are completely lucky. It's incredibly frustrating to have built up a good Game and then still lose in a Move. In Addition, the 3-Dimensional Puzzle system Is unnecessarily complicated and makes it almost impossible to plan trains ahead. The permanent Raids between systems when travelling with a larger Load Of raw Materials is another annoying Component. In Addition, the AI Uses opponents in the white cheato and Fruit builds. For Example, I had a 1 Hour Battle with an Opponent who permanently removed all Mines from the Board, repaired with them, simultaneously incoming Dmg Halved AND still missed my Items an extra Cooldown. I therefore advise against Buying, but if you are into a lot of Frustration and Anger, this Game is certainly worth Considering. If you want to buy a good Puzzle Quest Part, you will still be best advised with Part 2.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
I had found "Puzzle Quest: challenge of the warlords" really nice. A clone of "Mach 3" (but if, the where one must align 3 colors/fruits... identical, concept taken over by candy crush to name only the most famous) tinted RPG. Instead of making a direct sequel, they take on the same concept of play but in a different universe (here of the pure SF), and two-three small changes. the RPG aspect that worked well is maintained... but the additions are a catastrophe totally ruining the game. First, the fact of having movements on 5 squares (instead of the usual 4), accompanied by the fact that the color tokens do not only fall from top to bottom but can also by the sides. An idea that could have been fun, but the problem is that it cancels out any strategy. It's impossible to predict a sequence on more than 3 moves and we trust the luck. And you're going to need the chance. second defect: incredible difficulty. Besides the fact that the random aspect is huge, during the fights, the enemies are ultra resistant with a shield that they reload all the time and a ship that they repair. Not only is it hard, but in addition every fight lasts for the plumbes! The main quest to the rigor is fine, but the secondary quests become very repidement delirious. Not to mention the respawn and the random fights every 30 seconds when you drag on the map. A flaw already horripating in the first... and that's even worse. Can't move without getting fritter. Fun 5 minutes, we do not move fast at all. The lifespan is huge but inflated in a totally artificial way. Anyway, Super disappointed. Too many useless fights, a story and a stupid character, too high a difficulty and a random aspect too important make the game frustrating and not really exciting.