Quake Live reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Quake live has been a long way since 2007, but it has probably arrived at the final stage of its evolution with this exclusive steam version. Simply, Quake live is a revitalized version of Quake III Arena, the mythical FPS of ultra-nag ID software that has changed the face of electronic sports at the turn of the 2000 years alongside counter strike and StarCraft. The game integrated the input of the time OSP and CPMA modes of configuration and improved them further. On the menu: many modes (CTF, FFA, TDM, domination, blabla), a customizable configuration to envy, a dozen weapons to master, and a hyper fluid game offering quite unique sensations. Fans of fast FPS with complex movements and where the finesse of mind also counts, this game is made for you. A very important thing to know at the outset: the level of play is very high, there are many veterans and you will have to arm yourself with patience to progress. The game only offers two tutorials to learn the strafe-jump and the rocket-jumps, but I advise you rather to go for a ride on YouTube to understand the mechanics that is not natural for a beginner. Take the opportunity to watch some of the many professional player games in a duel or TDM/CTF to get an idea of what the game looks like once mastered. Other information for neophytes: the objects of the game like armor and megahealth are calculated. Some servers have an option that allows you to have automatic "timers", but if this is not the case and the server uses the classic rules, be aware that you will have to train in the end-if you really want to progress-to calculate the time of objects (armor reappear 25 seconds after being taken, the megahealth 35 seconds). The domination of the items provides a definite advantage, and this is not the kind of thing that you pay attention to when you don't know the game. However, if you want to unwind without taking the lead, no problem: play in clan arena (team mode, no object to calculate and all weapons in hand from the start) or free for all, the best way to learn and shoot in the heap. If you have a tendency to easily and to insult everyone of cheater, you do not really belong here because you will suffer, as everyone has suffered, many brutal defeats before balancing things. You have to know how to lose on Quake live. However, I seldom experienced such a fun game in a nice shot. Place a beautiful rocket in the open air, a furtive rail, grilling a guy who takes a jump-pad... It's pretty ♥ ♥ ♥... ♥ ♥. There are still paid competitions on Quake live, which you can hear from the ESReality (Anglophone) or FrenchFragFactory and Esportactu (Francophone) sites. In short, Quake live is a worthy heir to one of the greatest FPS titles of all time, it is difficult for novices, be it clear, but enjoyable in the long run for the bravest, and a thousand places of the fairly aseptic gameplay of modern times. Join the Quakers family:).