Rabbit Raiser

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Hi !

Here is my third milestone in learning game development.

It kind of starts to look like a game.

It is a simulation game ( yes it is ! ) with shotgun action, because gaming is always more fun with a shotgun.

Your raiser wants to become rich, so  he went to Australia to raise rabbits ...

You must feed your rabbits, provide them water, manage the number of males and females as they are very hardworkers on reproducing themselves.

You must manage your grain stock that is caped not very high, and as the rabbit population increase, they'll eat it faster.

I'll give you a tip here : your grain stock is limited, but you can spread it on the ground as much as you want !

You can buy a water pump from the merchant that visit you in regular time to have less to keep an eye on. And do not forget to sell him rabbits as it is the only way to get rid of some of these very dangerous little devils. Lastly you can buy ammos.

I told you that it was a simulation game !

You'll need several tries to find the right settings for incomes and purchases.

You need to reach as soon as possible the 10 000$, game is ended if time is elapsed, or if more than 20 rabbits die, or if you get overwhelmed and reach the 1000 rabbits.

A Score screen evaluates your perf, and gives you a rank.

I've managed to reach the "Legend" rank only once !

I tried to make it feel a little like my old Game Watches LCDs, repetitive but hard to beat, with fixed screen and not lots of models.

Do not forget that this is just my take on the course's theme that was "state machines".

I won't explain to much of it here because it's hard for me to find the english words.

There are tips on the menu screen that you can read by pressing repeatedly the keyboard arrows.

I hope you will have some fun playing this.

I'd appreciate some  feedback to know if something is wrong, or just to say you had fun !

Bye !

Release date
Lost In Code
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Not rated
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Last Modified: May 1, 2020

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