Rabbits Are Veggies

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The goal of the game is to grow carrots and store them into a box in order to mark points. You get 1 point for each carrot you store. In order to grow carrots you need to dig an hole, plant a seed, shower the seed, wait for growing, pick up the carrot and store it.
The first player reaching 10 stored carrots is declared winner This game can be played up to 8 players locally on your computer. One player may use the keyboard, but it is recommended to use any controller pad you have (tested with XBox, Gamecube and PlayStation-like controllers, it rocks !).


In order to play, just plug your pad and push any BUTTON (or SPACE) only once to register. When all players have registered, press a second time BUTTON/SPACE and the game starts au tomatically. You can pause the game pressing ESCAPE. During pause, you can either press ESCAPE again to kill the game (back to main menu) or press BUTTON/SPACE to resume. During game you control your rabbit with UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT (or keyboard ARROWS) and press any BUTTON (or SPACE) to do an action. Actions available are the followings :

  • Pick up a shovel (near the shovel box)
  • Pick up a seed (near the seed box)
  • Pick up some water (near the water points)
  • Pick up carrot (near a completely grown carrot)
  • Dig an hole (when holding a shovel, near a grow place)
  • Plant a seed (when holding a seed, near a hole)
  • Shower a seed (when holding water, near a planted seed)
  • Store a carrot (holding a carrot, near a wood box)

When you hold an object, you cannot pick another at the same time. you either have to do the action related to the object you are holding, or you have to release it at a related place (shovels can only be released near shovel box, seeds released near seed boxes, water drops released near water points, etc...).

When the game is finished, a screen appears automatically, showing the scores in descending order. Pressing any button or space will make you come back to the start menu.

Grow carrots !!!

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RPH Studio
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Not rated
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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