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He had one rule: No killing women or children. When a hitman is double-crossed by his employer, he brings forth a night of carnage and bloodshed.
RED HOT VENGEANCE is a twin-stick shooter, drawing inspiration from games like Max Payne and Hotline Miami.

Main features:
  • 10 level campaign with varying objectives
  • 30 challenge levels
  • New Game+
  • A variety of weapons to customize your loadout
  • Level editor with Steam Workshop support.
  • It's free :)

In the aftermath of blood, smoke, and fire, a mob hitman is reborn as the spirit of pure bloodlust fueled vengeance. There is no time for mercy as you shoot your way through 10 levels of darkness and depravity. Each chapter is connected to the last through hand-drawn, fully voice-acted cutscenes. As you play through the campaign, you will unlock a variety of weapons each with their own behavior to fit your playstyle. Earn medals for completing challenges, find secrets, and wreak vengeance.

RED HOT VENGEANCE features 30 challenge missions. Each challenge is designed to offer a different experience from the campaign, with more experimental level design and objectives. Try to kill all the enemies with only a baseball bat, or survive an onslaught of police until the time runs out. Play the first couple of levels of the campaign to unlock challenges.

RED HOT VENGEANCE features a user-friendly map editor built into the game. Utilizing Steam Workshop, you can create levels and upload them for everyone to play. While the editor doesn't place any arbitrary restrictions on the user, there are guidelines to making a good, functional level. See the user guides for a comprehensive guide on making levels.
Bros Before Giraffes
Bros Before Giraffes
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: AMD FX 6300
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 960
  • Additional Notes: These are the lowest specs we are able to test the game on. It may also run on lower specs.
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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A New Challenger Approaches
Complete all challenges
Hit List
100% the game
The Good, the Bad, and the Fast
Get No Mercy, No Death, and Speedrun in a single run on any level
Man of the Millennium
Die 1000 times
"I guess I'm not done yet."
Get all medals on new game plus
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RED HOT VENGEANCE reviews and comments

An extremely good game. The main drawback of the game is the plot. Of course, I understand that in a $ 0 game there should not be a brain-exploding story, but nevertheless, it would be better if it did not exist at all than this "comedic" story. Secondly, I really did not like the balance. If we compare the balance with the hotline, then here it is not for the better. Hotline miami rewards players for aggressive play, any weapon in the game kills with one hit, which allows developers not to worry too much about weapon range and ammo count, because the weapon is strong anyway. As for this game, I found for myself only one working bundle, 2 uzi and a rifle. Everything else either does not work due to lack of ammunition, or due to lack of damage. The game really makes you use other weapons, due to the fact that the main bundle of ammunition ran out, there is a big plus. Overall, I liked the game.
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