Rise of Ages reviews

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Microsoft from French
Product received for free early access review greetings to all adventurers! After a few hours on the alpha 0.11 version I come here to leave my feeling on this mix of adventures and RPG the game plunges you from the beginning within the story: your tribe is exterminated by a rival people and you find yourself alone and lost in a beautiful the green forest... You will have to rebuild a civilization, make it progress through the ages and who knows how to become the most powerful people in this world? Rise of ages is in my opinion the same temper as Niffelheim in regards to "game design" and Visual rendering. The universe appears as "painted" to gouache on a canvas and is facing a horizontal Parallax scrolling. After we love or do not like this type of rendering but it is undeniable that rise of ages has a real visual identity (like Niffelheim). The universe is obviously here very far from the Viking universe but sticks very well at the time and the game. Regarding the animations of PJ and NPC, again all this is approaching a niffelheim. Without being the most beautiful, they stick to my sense of action and at the time. Simple but sufficient. The game proposes to cross the "ages" and thus starts at the stone age in which it is necessary to unlock certain technologies (knowledge of fire, agriculture, etc.) to continue to grow our new colony. Yes because in this game you play your own character but you will also recruit new members (randomly crossed encounters) to help you in certain tasks. So your villagers can be guards, farmers, etc... This is where we find this little side RPG the game will also push you to go to meet other tribes to survive and progress. Meet their needs through quests so that they share with you technologies, etc... These quests will evolve over the "ages" and bring a "story" to this game a little sandbox. The game will offer you to move on a global MAP of the world and will offer you to discover several types of biomes. On my playing time, I did not encounter any blocking bugs or crashes or crashes! What is not bad for a game in alpha version 0.11 it must be emphasized! :) The loads are quite small (only related to the change of location on the global MAP). Everything else is fluid and immersive. Here is a summary of the +/-the + * Visual graphic rendering as "painted" to gouache (we like or dislike, I love) * the death of the non-punitive PJ (at the moment) * the quantity of craft and the quality of the rendering of the objects * progression through the ages -* The NPCs AI that we welcome in our tribe (our friends often die drowned in the water MDR, but he repopent when we return home) here is a video discovery of this alpha because a video is worth a thousand words: https://youtu.be/zWeryjdkQKc good game to t E!