Rise of Prussia Gold reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
A Strategic turn-based game with chips representing armies and generals. The game presents only fighting, hiring troops, reserves to support the armies, and management of the State is carried out through a system of events and decisions. The Economy and supply are not represented on the map, but are calculated separately. This is one of the few games where the army cut off from the supply suffers losses. The Game is very long, I have not finished any Big Campaign, only small scripts for 20 moves. By the middle of the script you already think for 10-20 minutes for each move, plus the game is slightly slow, there are 25 fps lock and Podlazgivanie when moving the map. (You need to turn off dynamic border rendering For smoothness.) At the Beginning of the Campaign (1756) The advantage on the side of Prussia, later (1758) suitable reinforcements of the Coalition of Austria, France and Russia. In The Game I am pleased with the relative realism, the realization of conditions in battles, where the relief, the cohesion of troops, reinforcement, characteristics of generals, the width of the front (in the mountains clearly not the entire army can fight simultaneously). Perhaps, for the sake of battles I play this game, because even the general can die in battle, and the numerical superiority is not so much and means in this game. To start the game will have to read the manual and several times to pass training to understand how to collect divisions. For myself, I realized that the best way to collect such a composition: 1 Cavalry \ Light Infantry 3 linear Infantry 1 cannon and of course the division general ☆ ☆ AND Such divisions in the Army will be a lot, because in the seven-year war everywhere go only large flocks. Outside the divisions, the General Corps ☆ ☆ ☆, Engineers, Pontonnieres, Siege Artierium and 2-4 a pack of obozes, because all of them give bonuses immediately to the entire body. Army General ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ can be as separate from the army headquarters, there and with their own divisions, but more effectively to create a separate corps, because all the bonuses from the commanders of generals go down. I Recommend to buy, if you have a lot of time, you like to play the wargemy and not annoying 25 fps Lok or just like the period of the Seven Years war. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Added on 21 May 2018: The Developer as a bibliography actively (so it is the only source) uses Wikipedia. Nothing to say, a historical game. Praf in my review of another game AGEod, Revolution Under Siege. That is, Razab sees nothing wrong in making Wikipedia. As If it is read by a lot of people, which means the mistake will correct immediately. I just broke my face by reading this. People Don't trust you, my lord!