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Built entirely from the heart and passion of a true "Asteroids!" fan as a child growing up in the 80's, Rock 'N Roll is a unique arcade action shooter that puts you in full control of Earths fate! With thousands of asteroids putting our home planet in dire danger, it's up to you to blast away as many of these space rocks as you can before your demise. It's not a question of "if" you will die, because you will. The question is how many asteroids can you clear out before you die, and use two methods to collect valuable G.E.O.S. gems (Galactic Emeralds Of Sacrifice) as these gems are the key to saving the Earth and your loved ones back home once you expire all of your ships (lives).

G.E.O.S. gems can be spawned in the asteroid blasting main part of the game by simply blasting asteroids into oblivion. Every asteroid shot will help fill up your G.E.O.S. progression bar found in the upper right side of your screen. Once enough asteroids have been shot down to fill up this progression bar, the next asteroid shot will spawn a G.E.O.S. gem which will float through the dangers of any remaining uncleared asteroids for a short period of time and a "hurry up" tune will play to let you know of the importance at hand. Simply maneuver over the G.E.O.S. gem to collect it and increase your chances at saving the Earth, but if you run out of time, the G.E.O.S. gem you've worked so hard to make spawn will shatter into a million pieces all over your screen!

Another way to give yourself another opportunity to use a G.E.O.S. gem to save the earth at the end of each game of Rock 'N Roll is found at the Space Hub Ship Upgrade station that you'll visit once after clearing out each wave of rocks. If you have enough money, you'll be able to purchase a single G.E.O.S. gem at a fluctuating price every time you visit the upgrade station, but there are many appealing options available at the upgrade station. You'll always have to decide if buying an expensive G.E.O.S gem will be better in the long run than other options like buying M.E.S.A. shield protection which could save your life and extend your game as well as many other options available.

A wide variety of exciting power-ups that drastically change the dynamics of the game for the short period of time that each power-up lasts is also an integral part of this game. Power-ups such as "Cannon Ball" will send your ship flying at insane speeds blasting through asteroids and enemies, allowing you to rack up points and clear waves much faster while other power-ups collected might increase your fire-power to make you feel like a space war god or a power-up that will send each missile fired with endless range bouncing off the edges of the screen until it hits "something". Many more power-ups are available in Rock 'N Roll, and I'm sure that you'll have fun experiencing each one and deciding which power-ups you like the best!

During your rock blasting, you'll also notice that lots of different resources might spawn from each colored asteroid. These resources which vary in weight and value can be collected and sold if you clear the wave of asteroids at the Galactic Space Hub Selling Station. The game will tell you how many of each type of resource you collected in the previous wave (level) and also give you both a point value and a monetary value. It's completely up to you how you choose to sell these resources for each type of resource collected on each level! Selling resources for points can increase your bragging rights and also help you advance your score towards the next score needed to earn an extra life, but selling your resources for cash in the game can help you buy all sorts of amazing upgrades at the Space Hub Ship Upgrade Station. With procedural generated selling values each waves as well as fluctuating prices each wave for each offering at the ship upgrade station, your decisions will always stay interesting and fresh. One decision made between waves of asteroids could be just as important and game changing as the reflexes and skill needed to survive during the battle stages against each wave of rocks!

Rock 'N Roll offers exciting old school arcade action goodness and its own clever way of using the risk-versus-reward idea to help you escape dangerous situations where you feel surrounded by incoming rocks. The "Spi-Roll" attack explains the latter part of the name of this game and can be used to send your ship in an outward spiraling motion shattering anything in your circular spinning path! The risk part of using a Spi-Roll attack comes when the Spi-Roll attack is finished and will send your ship flying at a very high speed in a completely random direction! You might be sent on a safe path after your devastating Spi-Roll attack completes or you might be hurled right into another asteroid at a near impossible to dodge speed!

As part of the risk-versus-reward aspect of this game, you'll also score big points for surviving "close calls". Anytime you are thrusting forward at a minimum speed of 25 or higher and narrowly escape colliding with an asteroid of any size, you'll score 1,000 bonus points and hear a dramatic tune as well as see the bonus score pop up where the near death occurred!

Asteroids are not the only thing you'll need to avoid in Rock 'N Roll as this game also offers aliens that will look to destroy you and end your game early in a number of different ways.
- The Kamikaze space worm will search for you and when you are spotted, it will home in on your ship and blow itself up when close enough and the explosion will pulverize both you and the space worm! ..Thankfully it can be shot down and destroyed first with a handful of blasts from your space ship!
- The RSA (Random Shooter Alien) will float randomly across your screen firing at a high fire rate in random directions, shattering both asteroids and you if it hits you! Hitting the asteroids might sound like a good thing, but at its high rate of fire, the RSA can quickly turn the remaining asteroids on your screen into a nightmare of smaller asteroids which can quickly spell your doom!
- The VDS (Vaporous Death Spewer) is a truly evil enemy that will only be found by choosing a difficulty of 2 or higher. Should this nasty space blob come onto your screen, you'll need either hundreds of shots or several successfully landed Spi-Roll attacks to stop its attempt to destroy you. Each shot from the VDS can end your life or have a very high chance at causing asteroids to "crumble" into many smaller and much more dangerous rocks! Oh.. by the way, you might want to be careful of getting too close to that bloody vaporous monster as well, because at close range.. it will EAT you and spit you out like unwanted trash!

Rock 'N Roll looks to bring back old school retro gaming goodness, offering a high replay value, addicting gameplay, and a real risk-vs-reward style of game mechanic at its core. My hope is that any and every fan of the classic "Asteroids!" arcade game who plays this game will feel that same old school nostalgia in a brand new and fresh game built with a passion to 'make games fun again'.
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Age rating
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: 1 Ghz Cpu
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 128 MB graphics card minimum
  • Storage: 200 MB available space
  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: Intel i5 or equivalent
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GT 650 or AMD HD 6870 or above
  • Storage: 200 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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