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Rolling Line

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Rolling line lets you take control of a huge, detailed model railroad in stunning virtual reality! Build, organize and drive trains in human scale, or explore the world on foot in miniature!

Build massive freight trains and follow passengers on scenic journeys, all though a diverse range of real-world inspired locations from the stunning south island of New Zealand!

Choose between driving trains through the intricately detailed world of this pre-built table top model railway or combine your own pieces of track and scenery to build your own journeys.
The entire railway fits within one large workroom, with tons of surrounding free bench space for you to experiment with your own custom creations.

This railway is designed to look, feel and operate like a real hobbyists model railroad, with stylised switch boards to control the tracks, portable hand-held controllers to drive trains, and complete control over the rooms lighting.

Freely push wagons around on the rails with your hands to build up trains as long as you could possibly want, and take control of any number of different locomotives (using multiple controllers).

Switch between human-sized room scale and railway-sized miniature scale at any time, any where. You are not limited to only driving trains in miniature, but can fully explore the entire railway at the scale of a person.

Drive trains from right inside the cab in miniature, and view the world from the driver's perspective!

While in miniature scale you will experience dynamic time, weather and unique terrain and skyboxes that extend beyond the shape of the railway,

Choose between a range of locomotion options, including standard teleporting, grabbing the world around you to move yourself around, free directional movement with the trackpad and any other locomotion options suggested by the community that can be added!

Other options like manual rotation (if you cannot use room scale) and setting your player height help support a range of VR setups.

Rolling line offers an immersive experience of both controlling a model railroad and driving trains from within the world itself. Whether you enjoy the diverse scenery of New Zealand, the joy of controlling model trains, the experience of a scenic railway journey or the freedom of building your own tracks and creations, then Rolling Line can deliver.
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Gaugepunk Games
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel i5 range or similar
  • Memory: 2 MB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 980 or similar
  • Storage: 200 MB available space
  • Sound Card: N/A
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel i7 4770 or similar
  • Memory: 2 MB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 1070 or similar
  • Storage: 200 MB available space
  • Sound Card: N/A
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Rolling Line reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
So Big Can be Small! To anticipate one thing, It is rare that I have put more than 50 Hours into a Game after just a few Days. So What makes Rolling Line-at least from my Point of view-so special, so good? What is it all About in the first place? Rolling Line is a model railway simulator geographically sung in New Zealand, home to the One-man development team:) The Game supports both the "Flat Variant," i.e. the normal Monitor mode as well as VR for the Vive And the Rift. Once started, you have a Variety of playful Options open to you. It is recommended to complete the very well and easy-designed Tutorials first, before the virtual Train Driver in the VR swings to the "Buck" and makes the Routes unsafe on one of several finished and detailed Maps. Optionally directly in the Self-view (i.e. in real Size) or using a Thumbnails from above, in which everything is shown in a reduced way, which then comes very close to a Model railway. The Top View is therefore great for simulating a Model railway Operation. The Locomotives are selected with a Kind of Trafo to define the Direction Of travel and the Speed. A Pitch table is the Track System with which the Player sets the Course at The Touch of a button and monitors the train Traffic. And so we're driving Service managers:) You can also set the Course "Directly on Site." In General, you can interact with almost any Object, be it flat with the Maus/keyboard or with the virtual Hands in the VR. A Train that just hurts around stupid in the Oval is too boring? No problem! Let's put a second one on the Tracks and a third one, plus a Shunting Department in the Storage Area. And of course everyone wants to drive them at the same time ... The great Strength ... From Rolling Line, however, I Think it is in The Construction of its own Routes and Landscapes. Behind a Variety of Drawers on the empty Map are all the Objects you need: Tracks, Switches, Locomotives, wagons, platforms, buildings, Vegetation, Etc. So, and now it's allowed to Tinkering to your Heart's Content. However, for Creating my own Maps, I would prefer Non-VR mode, because with the Mouse and Keyboard, the Interaction with Objects is much faster and more direct And the Overview is also more appropriate. It makes an incredible Mood to create your own small Miniature world And then to find out how huge everything is when you take a Test drive in the VR! I stand as a Player In front of a black Steam Locomotive monster modeled after the legendary "BigBoy" and just think, "Leak me at A * * * *, I have to drive that right away!!" Or you can drive on the self-built track in storm and Rain towards the Sea and suddenly you can see an Ocean giant skipping from the Driver's Cab. Just "Wow;)" About the Graphic ... It is, of course, possible to be divided. This is built in a colorful Art Comic style and relatively simple Shapes and Structures. Somehow, she reminds me of a Mix of Firewatch and Playmobil:) I myself would describe them as expedient to appealing. It should not be forgotten that at Its core it is a model railroad sim and not a Driver'S stand Simulator. Certainly, the System requirements would also be much higher if they had gone towards Photorealism. If you are bothered by it and would prefer to drive, you can try DerailValley, of which there is no more than one Demo. Criticism... It's hard to Contain:) It should be criticized that in the current version (1.02) not all Objects you see on the Developer's finished maps have at their disposal. For example, such essential Things as Roads, Signals and Bruises are missing. However, the Developer wants to submit these And many other things in a later Update. What can sometimes become difficult to even annoying is the Laying or alignment of Tracks and Switches. Often Connections do not fit exactly or there is a Gap between two different Tracks that you actually want to connect. But again, the Developer has promised Redress in the Form of a flexible Track. Conclusion Anyone Who is interested in the Themes Of model railway And big Track, is happy to be creative and is not deterred by the Graphics (which may well have its Charm), will have a lot of Pleasure with this Game! Especially since the Price is more than fair and is supposed to comply with a Lot of Content. With this In mind: Absolute Buy recommendation! Buy the Game, support Developers, drive off and build:)
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