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Sabbat of the Witch

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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP or newer
  • Processor: 1.3 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Storage: 4 GB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Sabbat of the Witch reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Games from YuzuSoft have a good lower bar-they are at least average, among the titles of the developer is not frankly bad games, and the game is above the average. The Genre of the game is at the junction of Moge and Nukige because of the abundance of sex scenes at least one heroine, but the bowl is clearly inclined towards moege. There is a drama, and in every rune, in my opinion, there is a passing idea, which the player wants to present. The Content in each of the ruts is mutually exclusive, which is a tradition for eroge. Advantages: Good art, characteristic of the studio, a good sound, all the Endingi sing their heroine that in a plus, the plot is not bad, in my opinion. Disadvantages-Localization, one of the heroines often says that creates difficulties, replacing some Japanese anglicisms with other English words, which is a controversial decision. The Duration of 30-50 hours as stated (I left the game in the background and played often when downloading in other games). And now let's go to the heroines and characteristic features of their runes (without spoilers): Tsusugi: It is told about the initial stages of the lives of Alpov and their motives, the heroine of the cute (like all of them) and the same age as the GG, but, in my opinion, more in it nothing but Milots and no, the number of sex scenes-4. That (u) KO: It is told about the late stages of the life of the alpacas, the number of the elder sister with secrets (not the ones you think), in the late stages becomes cute, reveals the restless side of the protagonist, the amount of sex scenes-4. Vaca: Not too aggressive tzundere (tolerated), Ruth opens after passing one of the main, the usual root and there is no magic, Ruth begins in the game before the rest chronologically, the number of sex scenes-3. Meguru: Kohai, the most confused of heroines, the character of her genes, but not too aggressive, and also she is a gamer and a little troll, her root has the most consistent progress of the relationship of the couple heroine and GG, Ruth built very logically (+ the author is familiar with the life situation Meguru firsthand), the number of sex scenes-4. Nené: The perfect Vaifu, the dream of a man, in it the authors of the game have put their idea of the ideal girl (and the author with them is very solidarity and grateful), it is so loved that she was given in fact 2 Rue, her Ruth the only has drama on the part of relations, as well as in her The highest number of sex scenes-9. Let's Move on to GG-he has a working father, is an orphan on the mother (usually parents in the eroge are absent or they can be considered non-existent), has no motivation before the Incident, after it falls into the Occult Club and through activity restores vitality and Activity in life, the character in all the Rutah is the same. Conclusion: A decent game worthy of localization. Personal rating of the author: Rue: Nené > Touko > Meguru > Tsusugi > Vaca Heroines: Nené > Meguru > Touko = Tsusugi = Vaca.
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