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New Update!


You are a samurai with a family. After being falsely accused of treason you are sought out by the feudal lord of this land. You must do everything you can to protect your family and reach safety by heading towards the nearby river where you have a few fishing boats that can be used to escape.


You, the player take control of a samurai noble with his trusted katana. Use your skills as a samurai warrior to defeat all who oppose you. Deflect enemy attacks and strike them where it hurts, or use your heavy attack to damage multiple opponents!

Little bit about the Journey (5 Day Game Jam)

It took just over a full day to get everything organised in trello. Having all the references i needed and idea fully planned out, that could be completed in a reasonable about of time. Pretty much everything that was needed, was listed there apart from the coding aspect as that would vary depending on the time left.

From there i smashed out some weapons to use and grabbed some character animations from . This in turn, saved me a lot of time that would of been spent animating the needed character animations.

Roughly 2 days was spent building the combat system from scratch. It was really fun actually, really enjoyed doing it. Started with the player movement and attack/blocking animations; with all the blend trees and animations hooked up.

Having the player mostly coded up, it was the enemies turn. The way it was setup, was that every character used the same Animation Controller (Holds all the animations, as seen in the image above) so that an archer could use the exact same movement as a swordsmen. This allowed me to adjust a few values to make different character movements when attacking.

On the last 2 days, there was a mad rush to create all of the events(Camera animations and trigger events) and sculpt the terrain with a few custom made environment assets. A lot of play testing had to be done to make the game play run reasonably smoothly.

Change Log (Fixed in the newest Update)
  • Problems with the player and enemy animations, that allow them to float in the air. Or randomly be launched into the air.
  • Colliders around the map were not air tight, allowing the player to fall or get stuck in the terrain.
  • Updated text to make it more relevant.
  • Player spin and run-jump attack animations didn't even up working(Animations would only rotate 180*, not 360*), so scrapped them for the older leg-swipe heavy attack. (Was disabled in the earlier build, but is a required element otherwise players have a very difficult time dealing damage with multiple enemies attacking -- enemies keep deflecting the standard attack)

Character Model:

Character Animations:


https: //


Sword Hit -
Sword 2 -
Sword Hit 3 -
Grunts -
Arrow Impact -
Bow Fire -
Waterfall -
Water -
Jap Drum -
8-bit Track -


Release date
Hayden's Studio
Age rating
Not rated

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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