Schatte ~The Witch and the Fake Shadow~

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This is a 3D "Step-on-Shadow" action game of which character you control is
"Shutte, The shadow witch" and her fairy servant "Ranta".

She overcomes "Shadow Demon" that await her in different levels of stages,
using plenty of stylish actions below:

  • [Shadow-Bind]: Stops enemy's movement by restricting shadow
  • [Shadow-Dive]: Hides herself in shadow
  • [Shadow-Marionette]: Takes control over enemy's movements

and more special arts of light and shadow are loaded!
You will experience brand-new play feelings in this unheard-of ACT game!!

Key FeaturesA simple operation "throw", "jump", "stepping" realizes a wide variety of actions!!
  • Shadow Bind (Close) : Stops the target by stepping on its shadow. Shadow Bind triggered by directly stepping on a shadow does not require magic power.
  • Shadow Bind (Far) : A target's time can be stopped by throwing a Shadow Knife at its shadow. Targets can be locked while holding the button. When targeting, the Shadow Knife needs magic power, so if there is not enough power, the spell will not work. During Light Automatic Lock mode, the targeting would be automatic.

  • Multiple Shadow Bind : The Shadow Knife gauge increases when Shadow Bind is successful. By using the gauge, multiple Shadow Knives can be thrown at once. The binding time of Shadow Bind and the lighted area both increase. To use it must meet the condition.

  • Shadow Reading : Materializes Hazy Shadows by stepping on its shadow.

  • Shadow Dive : Moves around by entering a shadow. Great for climbing slopes. It can also be used to teleport between Teleport Gates.

  • Shadow Marionette : Controls a living being by entering its shadow.

  • Shadow Disperse : Evil spirits possessing an enemy can be dispersed by jumping and then landing on the enemy's shadow. It may require multiple tries for certain enemies.

  • Shadow Double : Can be triggered with the help of the Ethereal Relic. You can operate shadow independently from the player character.
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Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: 10
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Schatte ~The Witch and the Fake Shadow~ reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Product received for free Constable, my shadow was stolen! Shadows are a rather mysterious phenomenon. Yes we know that any object on which the light falls, should cast a shadow. Moreover, the human brain can automatically use shadows to determine the position of an object in space. The shadow is associated With a lot of all sorts of folk stories, as well as mysticism, without it anywhere. More reviews on the curator page of Dreams of Genesis! Subscribe, have fun with us! And so it turned out that the main theme of the game Schatte ~ The Witch and the Fake Shadow ~ as a rat shadow, it was difficult to get through, because there were no hints in the title! The Game is an action with an abundance of puzzles tied in the light and shadows. The main character has magical abilities that allow you to interact with the surrounding world by manipulating the shadows. Tie shadows to the ground, so that the object that throws it lost its mobility, dive into the shadows to overcome the areas where the legs do not pass, take control of the Nepisey and much more. The Idea is quite interesting and unusual. Although you know, "unusual" here is not suitable... Why that at once remembered masterpiece Contrast, it is better to say rare. Interesting and rare. But Senua of Hellblade, however, also used shadows to open the gate... In short, the idea is just interesting. But It is worth to work on the implementation. The Graphics in the game is made in a medium, texurki rather small resolution, models angular, and the design of the locations is not the most pleasant, such a feeling that you walk on the asteroid, where there came out there plants. Although There are quite a few of them. But the light and shadow worked out perfectly, here even the most chous plant has its shadow, it really pleasantly surprises. Moreover, you will constantly fly a luma, lantern with wings of Bat, which will illuminate your way and participate in the solutions of puzzles. The Second thing that put me in a deadlock, it is not the most convenient camera, we can raise it and omit, but to twist from side to side of something we can not. Or maybe my cheap gamepad from Xbox One S is not supported in this game? Who knows, but the scheme of management here by the way is not the most convenient, so spend a little time before the game and assign keys to your liking for the standard layout I, for two hours of play, and did not get used to. At night, shadows play with the imagination of a man and try to hide all those monsters that are just waiting for you to close your eyes. The Game came out not bad, especially pleased with the system requirements. It Has a rather interesting and not a jaded gameplay with shadows, but the impression spoiled the implementation.
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