Search for the Crown

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Search for the Crown was made for the 2018 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge. The game requires you to explore a procedurally generated dungeon in search of the Golden Crown and return it to the surface. Along the way you may find other treasure and must avoid or defeat various enemies and traps.

The game is still a work-in-progress (e.g., poorly balanced, missing desired features, limited challenge), but it is fully playable and can be won. See the Devlog for the latest changes.


This game is played entirely using the keyboard. Use the cursor keys or the numpad to move characters around. To attack others, move your character into their space and your character will automatically attack. The remaining controls are displayed on the screen.

You control the white '@' symbol, but can change the specific character you play.

Remember to pick up treasures on the ground by pressing the 'g' key. Simply walking over them isn't enough.

Game Tips

Characters left in the base gradually eat your food supply. You can change characters by walking into the supply boxes or camp fire in the base.

While exploring the dungeon you need to watch your thirst meter as it depletes quickly. It can be replenished at pools of water. Your hunger meter depletes much slower but can only be restored by returning to camp.

The hunter is the strongest character and never misses in combat. While left in your base he gradually replenishes your food supply.

The dogs are never attacked by animals in the dungeon, and cannot attack them back. They can still be hurt by traps though, and they cannot carry items. The dogs are good scouts but cannot bring treasure back up to the surface.

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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