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Secret Of Magia

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Secret of Magia is an action RPG.

A ruthless tyrant is seizing control of village after village. Rather than prepare for this threat, your town's elders have decided to ignore it.

Your story begins as your town is under siege by the tyrant's supernatural soldiers. As your friends are struck down, you flee into the forest with the few possessions you can carry. So your journey begins.

As you venture out into the world, you'll earn powers and skills. You'll uncover hidden dungeons that house elementally-charged weapons. Although you'll start a weakling, with the right combination of skill and luck, you'll return to your village a powerful and confident warrior, ready to take on the ultimate evil.

Explore a huge world, level up, and gain the strength to free your people from the tyrant's grasp.

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: 2 GHz dual core
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Hardware Accelerated Graphics with dedicated memory
  • Storage: 250 MB available space
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Last Modified: Jul 23, 2023

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Stayed at the inn
You stayed at an inn and healed your party.
Got to the Mystic Mountains
You have arrived at the Mystic Mountains, a terrifyingly mystical place.
Found strange key
You found the strange key to unlock a strange world.
Got Healed
You used a nun's magical powers to restore all of your health.
Into the well
You found the well where you discover your powers.
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Secret Of Magia reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
This Game feels like it wanted to be so much more than the Final Product ultimately gives. The Beginning is relatively promising. You can choose your Class, you will be introduced to a few Mechanics, but shortly afterwards you have to realize that none of this has any more Relevance to the Gameplay. On the Enterhooks, for example, you depend exactly twice in the Game and once during the Introduction. It's Similar with the Shovel. There is so much that would be expandable. There's a Guild in the first City, but shooting And doing Quests for them can't be done. There is a Craftiger System, but that also leaves a lot to be desired. Especially since even after the first Improvements you can do nothing with it. Getting The items you need is also far too easy to get. They drop relatively rarely, but why bother looking for it when there is everything you need to buy extremely cheaply in the first City? The Updo conditions you get from the crafted Items are not really worth it either, especially since you get to certain legendary Weapons very early on. It is also not particularly advisable to do every vain Opponent you meet on the go, because with your own rising Level, the Level of the Opponents also rises. So it may be that with about Level 10 you need much more Beats to kill a Bee on the first map than with Level 1 or 2. The Story is only very rough and there is hardly Any Clues as to what to do next. There is a Quest Log, but I couldn't find more than four to five quests for it during the entire Game. With something like that, you really start to wonder why there is something like a Quest Log in the wake. Likewise, I have to wonder why the Lady in the Inns always kindly tells me that an Overnight stay heals my entire Party if I've never met any other Characters who might join me in the first place. Or why there is access to a Dungeon at one Point, but where there is nothing except a black Background and invisible Walls. Or why there is a One-day in my Menu for which there is de facto no Use. (Or it's up to me and I just never found the Feature for it, but honestly I doubt that) All of which shows me that there could have been more planned here like a Lot of different Quests, An extensive Crafty System, Dungeons with Puzzles and hidden items and maybe even a whole Party full of Characters, but none of it has more than Made into the Game. And I think that is a great pity, because if even some of these Things had been fully introduced and perhaps completely dispensed with others for it, you could have improved the Game, but unfortunately it only had the bland taste Of the What could have been ... Honestly, I'm not even sure that the Game was tested again before it was released. There are some Places that I could commit that I'm pretty sure I shouldn't actually be running long there. (Such as the Walls in a particular Church)
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