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Secrets of Me

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This app contains content typically considered mature, such as frequent nudity, or sexual content.
The story of the game is the same as "Secrets of Me" for the smartphone version.

- What is "Secrets of Me"?
This is a game where, after getting plastic surgery, you can stalk a hot guy to get him to fall in love with you! If you're tired of typical otome games, then this one's for you!

- The Story
Having unrequited love for Yamada Ichiro, the protagonist decides to get plastic surgery in order to attract his attention. By chance, a detective teaches her the fundamentals of covert investigation. With her new skills, she discovers that Ichiro is actually a con artist who tricks women into marrying him. As she becomes depressed, all sorts of cute guys come into her life... She then finds a new goal for herself: to steal them away from their girlfriends. What will become of the protagonist as she wholeheartedly stalks these handsome men?!

- The Guys
Plastic surgeon. Shun is a calm, composed and trustworthy plastic surgeon, but he also has a sense of humor.

KUDO Mizuki
Competent detective. Mizuki is meddlesome and full of curiosity. He's an optimist and a social butterfly.

CEO of a fashion company. Meguru is fashionable and a proficient worker. He likes hitting on girls, but is kind to women.

Romance novelist. Ryunosuke is gregarious, yet mysterious. His tall stature and fair skin make him unremarkably handsome.

Model. Akira is a former classmate of the protagonist. His abundant amount of confidence makes him arrogant, but, deep down, he might be someone loyal and gentle.

- You should play this game if...
...you want to fall in love with a handsome guy.
...you like romance novels, manga, or TV shows.
...you like romance games.
...you're interested in plastic surgery.
...you like unusual romance games.
Release date
Dogenzaka Lab
Dogenzaka Lab
Age rating
17+ Mature

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 1.8 GHz Pentium 4
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Resolution: 1280x720
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Meguru Good Ending
Completed with "Meguru" Good Ending.
Akira Best Ending
Completed with "Akira" Best Ending.
All Endings
Completed with All Endings.
All Scenarios
Completed All Main Scenarios, Sequels, and Date Scenarios.
Meguru Best Ending
Completed with "Meguru" Best Ending.
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Secrets of Me reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Another visual novel from the developer Dogenzaka Lab. The Theme of this game is tracking and stalking. You play as a girl who believes that the guy needs to know everything, and for this is to be followed! Does He already have a girlfriend? Come on, let's watch out and make a part! Quite an unusual love story, which I would advise to read to all lovers of romantic stories. Here is only one problem, for those who do not know English, well, or the extreme of Chinese or Japanese, you can not understand what you can not, and indeed there is no sense in the purchase of this product. As I mentioned-it's not a game, but a visual novel, so here you need to read a lot and choose the answer options. Very useful to buy those who are studying one of these languages: English, Chinese or Japanese. You will have 2 in 1, read an interesting story, plus you will get a good training in learning a foreign language. On the chart: Very well traced characters, but the rear backgrounds are a little smeared, well it is not creatically) also in the game a few pleasant romantic melodies. There are achievements-for each chapter of 2 pieces: for Good and for the Best ending.
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
I May not have enjoyed this game because I'm not tired of the "typical" Otome games. I love them. But in something I give the reason to the description: it is not like the rest. In my life I had forced myself to keep playing a otome. Usually happens to me the opposite, I'm looking forward to a route or a few minutes of play added. With This I did not pass, I have reached the third route and simply, I have reached my limit. Besides a few minutes in which it has given me laughter, and by take it with some humour, the rest has been: "Come, let's give it the same time improves later." The conclusion has been clear: "No, it does not improve." Usually, besides having finals to save a bit the face of the character, are a disappointment. The Characters of a Otome you fall in love, to those of this game, I put them in a psychotherapy center to see if they improve. Because If you cross one of these in real life, they don't go without a few slaps. That everybody has their traumas and various things, no need to be so... Beyond the subject of purely personal opinion, the company returns to pixelated funds. Yes, the characters have a good definition (although there are a couple of them who looked for the nose for a couple of hours and did not find it). CG good, I do not say no, which I found beautiful. The Music, the truth, cut the roll completely and you can not vary the volume from within the game (or mute or listen; or salts and lower). The stories, they may like more or less, are different in each route, but the dialogues are rather bad. And With regard to: "You should play this game if...", I like romance novels, sleeves, etc; Romantic games, some not so typical or topical; But honestly, this game would have saved me. There are games of the same company that are much better or others, which are even cheaper and with voices in Japanese. If someone enjoys it, I'll be very happy for her/him. There Are tastes for all types and it is always better to Have fun.
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