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My Secret Pets!

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The story of the game is the same as "My Secret Pets!" for the smartphone version.

- What is "My Secret Pets!"?
It's a game where you can live a secret second life at home with your pets, which suddenly transformed into cute guys! Will you end up as the owner, or the pet!? Find out what it's like to live together with animal boys in heat!

- The Story
When you return home rejected the evening after being broken up with by your boyfriend, waiting for you are four handsome men...who are actually your pets! Cue a fierce battle for the love of their beloved (former) owner -- you! But watch out for the reappearance of your ex...

- The Guys
A polite, good-hearted piggy. He loves black tea, sweets, and you!

A capricious and independent Russian Blue cat. His brusque manner is just a facade.

An egotistical pink and gray cockatoo, the "older brother" of the group. He likes taking care of others acting as a guardian to you and the other pets.

A spoiled and devious lop-eared rabbit. Adores you more than anyone else.

The sole human character you can choose to fall in love with. He's a cruel, arrogant type who's good at everything he tries. He holds the key to the entire story.

- This Game is for You if...
...you want to fall in love with a handsome guy.
...you like romance novels, romance manga, and romantic TV dramas.
...you like romance games.
...you like anthropomorphic animals.
Release date
Dogenzaka Lab
D3 Publisher, Dogenzaka Lab
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for Nintendo Switch

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 1.8 GHz Pentium 4
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Resolution: 1280x720
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Last Modified: Dec 16, 2020

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My Secret Pets! reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
I recommend passing in the following order: The cat-> Parrot--> Pig--> Rabbit--The former Moh warns Before you sit down for this game, I highly recommend you turn your brains off. Remove the valuable mass from the cranial box, put it on the velour pad and put it somewhere away on the shelf. Because It's really impossible to perceive this novel. Choose me, choose Me... The Plot is worthy of a penny detectives Darya Dontsova with a mixture of mysticism. Our heroine suddenly dropped the guy. In the upset feelings the girl returned home, where she was waiting for unexpected surprise in the form of four strangers (pleasant appearance), occupying a native hut. The Handsome men suddenly said that they were her pets, who suddenly became people, and now they all want only one-the master's love. And not some there is an honor behind an ear or stroking of a tummy, but in an adult love between M and J. This story would be a banal fantasy of a troubled Japanese girl on the theme "And What if my favorite Neko (" Cat ") suddenly became a man, and we would love Each other? "If it were not for a single BUT: Here the mystic in the form of one ingenious magician, the pianos in the bushes from the past and burning envy to foreign happiness. In general, knocking the forehead on the countertop will have to often, but not boring. Hope is my earthly compass! This Is my second acquaintance with the games from Dogenzaka Lab. After the old robbers from Pub Encounter, I somehow got depressed, because to kill so much time on the game and not get from it malmalskogo pleasure-it is necessary to be able. Therefore, with hope for a bright future, I still decided to buy this product. Especially, that in spirit it very much reminds all favorite Dandelion from Cheritz in which I have long wanted to play, but money, as they say, is pathetic. Only Here we have a version for the poor. I Do not want to compare two games, one of which I did not even play, but I suspect that the comparison will be meaningless. Play My Secret Pets! Much more interesting than in Pub Encounter. Despite the idiocy of what is happening and the presence of a bad heroine, the text is readable quite easily and quickly, and surprisingly cute pictures and the presence of humor make this Otomé quite digestible. As usual you will have a prologue, 8 chapters of the main scenario, two endings and two additional stories for each of the five characters. A-A-a... and a green Parrot! The Game has inherited all the unpleasant moments of other games from Dogenzaka Lab: The English language, typos, confused names in replicas. There are four musical melodies for the whole game and a soft main character, which is openly and honestly said that she is a fool. In Addition, I was frustrated by the absence of a separate arch for Georgie, the heroine's dog, and an additional script on the subject of dieting for all the characters. If you forget about the common sense and perceive this private zoo as a tragicomi, without thinking about why the heroine is ready to sleep with the members of his family (which is what she calls her pets), or where the rabbit can cook, and the pig may exquisitely Brew Tea, then play this novel is quite possible. Feel free to take a discount and get a hold of the horses, gentlemen.
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