Games for SEGA 32X

SEGA 32X is the second add-on for Sega’s Genesis/Mega Drive console. It was released later in the Genesis’ lifespan. It attached to the console’s cartridge slot, required separate power supply, and noticeably increased the console performance, allowing it to play 32-bit games that were exclusive to the addon. The 32X was a huge commercial failure for the company and was criticized for its small game library, and confusing market timing (by the time of the system release, the next Sega console, Saturn, was already available in Japan). Only 40 games were released for the system, six of which required both 32X and the other Genesis add-on, Sega CD. The most well-received and popular games for the console were Knuckles’ Chaotix and ports of Mortal Combat II, DOOM and NBA Jam. The games that required Sega CD were mostly FMV games that were also received negatively by players and critics alike.