Games for SEGA Master System

SEGA Master System (also known as Mark III in Japan) is the second home video game console made by Sega. In North America, it was released a year after NES and directly competed with it. However, the sales of the system were significantly lower than of NES. It was not successful in Japan and North America but gained some popularity in PAL regions. In Brazil, Master System was a huge success and has not been discontinued as for 2018 making it the console with the most significant lifespan. The Master System gamepad included a D-pad and two face buttons. The console used two main formats of data storage: game cartridges and more affordable Sega Cards (or Mark III My Card in Japan). Additionally, the system could play most of the games from previous Sega console – SG-1000. The console’s success in PAL regions led to Sega porting some of their games from their next console, Mega Drive (Genesis in North America) onto the Master System.