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Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015: Do You Still Shower With Your Dad

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Epilepsy warning: This video game contains flashing images.

Check out the original SHOWER Steam Greenlight trailer on YouTube!

Please note that the censored version shown in the above screenshots and trailers are for public marketing images only. Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015 in-game genitalia remains 100% uncut.

"Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015: Do You Still Shower With Your Dad?" is a fast paced shower-simulation where you shower with your 8-bit dad.

- Fast Pace Dad Showering Simulation
- Includes 3 dads! That's likely more than the average amount!
- 3 different game modes including ENDURODAD (Endurance Run), DADATHLON (Fast Pace Dad Matching), and DAD DIVISIONS
- OST included!

- Featured on Comedy Central's @Midnight with Chris Hardwick!

"You know what I like? In the 8 bit world, all d[expletive] are equal." - Chris Hardwick, host of "@Midnight" on Comedy Central

"Also am I the only one that notices that that's a Tom Selleck moustache on your small child?" - Jessica Chobot, host of "NerdistNews" on Nerdist.com

"that's it i hate videogames" - John "Total Biscuit" Bain, man on youtube

"I'm scared to touch the dads" - Jim Sterling

"Well this is clearly the greatest game of all time, I'm gonna quit my youtube channel right here." - PewDiePie

"You can't spell 'game refunded' without 'fun dad!'" - me

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Release date
Age rating
17+ Mature

System requirements for PC

  • OS: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
  • Processor: 2GHz
  • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 512MB
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 512 MB available space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Let's Dance To Dad Divisions
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Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015: Do You Still Shower With Your Dad reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Mega funny Game and a good Pastime for by the way. To do that, it's very demanding and in some Game Modes you have to really concentrate. But for the Prize, I bought it in the Summer Sale to really recommend and a good Challenge if you want to compete with Friends. Recommended, but just really only in the Sale. :)
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Excellent Simulator in which you take a warm shower with the father you always wanted, sometimes you can take interracial showers, and you can even get to have the love of a couple of male parents for you alone if you are lucky... It Also contains multiple unlockable game modes, jokes (? Pretty bad from father to son, mini-games on load screens, and some surprises that will make you want to shower a little longer. Nominated for "Haunts Me in My dreams."
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Product received for free is it really necessary to say that it makes this game so great? Among the many simulators that swarm on Steam, we find this jewel that makes us experience or revive, depends on the case of each, a magical moment as it is to shower with your father, that vision of man to man as God brought them to the world , simply magnificent, with some graphics that make us doubt if we have not already reached the reality in video games. Recommended 10/10, thanks to this I will never shower with the wrong father again.
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Maybe the best game of 2015. Who has not dreamed of showering with his father, because this game fulfills your dreams but also adds a very good difficulty and is the wrong father and have to see a penis outside which will not give us good impression... You can Also step on a puddle and slide to other penises which is a plus of difficulty... And all this uncensored 10/10. On the other hand the great variety of game modes increase their replayability we have the way to go running to the shower of Papa avoiding other penises or the way to stretch the arm to catch potato penis, among others 10/10. Definitely a game that everyone should have.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Best Game! 10 outta 10! My dear Friends, if you have always been looking for The kind of Action when showering, this is the IDEALE Game for you! It almost resonates a Hint of pixelated Nostalgia, from when you were still in the Shower with your Dad (if ever who did that at all). The whole thing only gets problematic in public Baths-who wants to shower with a foreign Dad? Despite everything: It's always Fun when you fly through the Air with a Bathtub (in reality, as well as in the Game) to find your Dad!! Therefore: If you need some Fun in the Shower for small Money-and don't want to use your right Hand for it-this is the place to be! ;)
Of course, I heard about this game and thought that the concept is hilarious. Unfortunately, the gameplay appeared to be boring, it felt cheap like a free browser game. Don’t buy it even on sale, it doesn’t worth any money they want.  
I see a deep philosophical message within this game. Like you search for your dad in the shower, and later look for your path in real life. It’s hard to do, but it’s an important way. And the best about this game is the feeling when you finally find your dad and can take a shower with him. So satisfying.  
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