Skyworld reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Please read the review of "" 2 or 3 posts below. I 100% agree with him on what he has to say about the Game. It is really hard for me to give this game a bad review. It does 80% absolutely right. Awesome Graphics, colorful and nice menus. The little 3d cards are so awesome to look at. The fights and battlefields and the physiks. Every objekt gives a reaction when you touch it. Really this should have been a hit. But sadly the bad 20% weight more than the 80%. I try to summarize the bad things that lead to my bad review. They all lead into one another. First of all this game is a multiplayer Game. The 8 campaign levels are there to introduce you to the several units. Well i hoped for a deep single player campaign. not there. But playing this online will not work. The matches can well take over an hour. So good luck finding a game. If the gameplay was good it could work out but thats the next problem. The Gameplay itself. Its set up a bit as Hearthstone but with only 20 cards available. So your opponent will likely have the same deck as you. Everything in a MP game will boil down to who will win the first fight. The player who looses that can give up the whole game. He looses his general what will cost him gold to replace. While the winner can claim the land and get stacked recourses for the next turns. Therefore on the next clash he will win because his troops will be even stronger. There is no deep system behind it. Like in chess for example. Sometimes you sacrifice a figure but only to lure your opponent into a trap. In skyworld you can´t play a hidden agenda. If you loose your first fight you will likely loose the game. But how fun are the fights now? I d say they are really good until you realize that every fight is exactly the same. It is always 2 castles are on the opposite side that are connected throu paths. Now you send your troops that can counter the troops of your enemy. Basically you fight for the middle part of the map. The player who holds it activates Airships that give him an advantage over the other player. But here comes the problem to the surfce i mentioned above. You can upgrde the units with recources and the player who won the first fight will always have better units because he did not have to pay for the general and he owns more land and gets additional recources. In the end i doupt we see many multiplayer games that will reach the end. The player who looses the first fight will most likely leave the game... There are so many strange design choises. I really can´t belief that this happened. Why did it had to be multiplayer focused? Who thought it is a good idea to design it the way it is? If the devs still want to make something good out of it they have to: -Forget Skyworld make a new game called Skyworld War -reuse all the assets from skyworld. -make it single player only -use the card system -use the upgrade system and bump it up -put in a grind element for rare cards -mybe put some towers in Please consult me if you consider it or if you want further detailed feedback. I am really sorry because Skyworld is so well crafted and even sets milestones in some cases. The more i am upset that certain design choises destroyed the game.