Slam City Oracles

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Riot Grrrl Gameplay

Slam City Oracles is a rambunctious, riot grrrl, Katamari-meets-Grand Theft Auto physics game, in which you and a friend slam onto the world around you to cause as much chaos as possible in two minutes.

With a rollicking riot grrrl-inspired mechanic designed and programmed by Jane Friedhoff, bright and adorable art by Jenny Jiao Hsia, and an upbeat soundtrack by Brooklyn-based, women-fronted rock band Scully, Slam City Oracles is a gleeful, delightful slam-em-up.

Slam City Oracles was commissioned for New York University's 2014 No Quarter.

  • "Remember how playing Katamari Damacy felt? [...] One new game shown in New York City last week is sort of like that PS2 classic but with one big difference: you're slamming yourself into the world as hard as you can, over and over."- Evan Narcisse, Kotaku
  • "[F]eeling like a bad ass is the side dish and fucking shit up is the main course."- Kaira Zenine Villanueva, The Mary Sue
  • "[It] makes you feel like you're part of a girl squad rocking up to clear out all the plaid-shirt beardos[.]"- Leigh Alexander, Offworld
  • "SCO's sense of play and impact feels like exactly what the teen girl experience in games needed."- Jess Joho, Kill Screen
  • "Super Smash Sisters. [...] When you want to smash all the patriarchy and feel thwarted, play this game. You will feel better when your two minutes are up."- Ali, Autostraddle
  • "[A]dorable and gleefully fun[.]"- Michael Rougeau, Animal New York
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  • Huge world packed full of bright, cute, mischievous art
  • Designed exclusively for collaborative local multiplayer play
  • Dizzying and delightful physics, chaos, and explosions
  • 50 achievements to unlock for extra challenge

Team SCO

Design + Programming by Jane Friedhoff

Art by Jenny Jiao Hsia

Music by Scully

Release date
jane friedhoff
Age rating
Not rated

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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