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Smugglers 5: Invasion

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Smugglers 5: Invasion starts where the original game ended. After years of civil war, the Federation finally emerged victorious, crushing all rebellion. The galaxy looked forward to a period of peace, a chance to repair the damage of a long and bitter war.

Then came the Jalkath, a new alien race looking much like the tigers of Old Earth. Their attacks were swift and brutal and they subjugated entire systems before the Federation even knew what was happening.

To the humans, they looked much like the tigers of Old Earth, and they soon proved themselves to be every bit as cunning and dangerous. The newcomers were swift and brutal in their assault, deploying terrifying weapons and subjugating entire systems before their victims even knew what was happening. The Federation has rallied a defence against the invaders, and now both sides struggle for dominance.

War has returned to the galaxy. For the right kind of captain, it’s a whole new chance for fame and fortune. Will you fight for the survival of your race? Trade and smuggle goods to make your fortune? Or play both sides against each other for your own profit?

Top features of this stand-alone expansion:
• You do NOT need the base game Smugglers 5: Secession to play.
• A new, playable alien race (the Jalkath) with new skills and professions.
• Revised ship to ship combat. The skill bar at the bottom now randomly selects a “deck” of available skills, giving the game more diversity. The “deck” changes during combat.*
• Six new alien star systems
• Exploration stories revised and new stories added to many systems.
• More than 10 new alien ships and squadrons, ranging from fighters to capital ships.
• Carriers added to the game with unique abilities – launch bombers, interceptors and escort vessels.
• Introducing new race-dependent news broadcasts and events.
• 20 new skills, including some that limit the skills available to your enemies. Existing skills have been revised to suit the new combat system and new ships.
• Conquering the enemy’s home system will immediately win the war.
• Artificial intelligence improvements
• The two main game screens now have a higher display resolution.*
and much more ...

* = (marked features have been unlocked as a community reward in the base game too)

Top features of Smugglers 5 (original game and expansion):

• Explore the galaxy through a fast turn-based travel and combat system
• 4 factions; 6 professions with new, unique skill trees; 100+ different skills and a revised skill system
• 30+ spaceships and encounters ranging from fighters up to battleships, cruise missiles and star bases
• Non-linear war and campaign system. You can influence the war!
• Manage a crew, board enemy ships, become Admiral and command whole fleets
• Plunder planets and pirate outposts, conquer space systems and even rule your own empire!
• Supply and demand based trading with the storyline and campaign influencing prices
• More than 80,000 words of interactive non-linear storylines (that´s about the size of two novels)
• Advanced text generation technology and new planet exploration short stories make every game different.
• Marry a beautiful wife and have children
• Optional compatibility mode to allow blind players to enjoy the game
and much more ...

'TOP 1 bestselling RPG game' - GOG.com from 16th to 24th March 2014 (Base game Smugglers 5: Secession) 'TOP 6 bestselling INDIE game' - GOG.com from 16th to 24th March 2014 (Base game Smugglers 5: Secession)
There's a ship in the hangar and the stars are calling to you. Don't keep them waiting.

Attention! This is a stand-alone expansion for Smugglers 5: Secession and does NOT require the original game.
Release date
Niels Bauer Games
Niels Bauer Games, Highcliffe Media Publishing
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or newer.
  • Processor: No special requirements
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: No special requirements
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
  • Sound Card: No special requirements

System requirements for macOS

OS X 10.7.0 or later.Processor: 1.6 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Memory: 1 GB Graphics: 256 MB of video RAM Hard drive space: 600 MB Recommended two-button mouse, or Apple mouse with Secondary Button / Secondary Click enabled.
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Smugglers 5: Invasion reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Space Rangers. The OLD, on a dilapidated ship, sawing the last hundred credits in the back of an alien bar. But the Rangers are still! What a game inspired developer seen at once-of course, Smugglers to the Rangers as from Sheata to Regulus, but something elusive sometimes... The Game addictive-you can do dozens of different cases-from smuggling and looting merchants to help the native Terre, attacking the enemy convoys and landing the troopers on the occupied planets. You can land on Saturn's orbital station and simply drive cocktails in the shadows of majestic rings. Or go to Mars and learn about the military quarantine-almost every planet player waiting for a small (or big) quest. Unfortunately, they are spelled out here is not very good-use the brains of the player will not infrequently, as a rule, everything depends on luck. With the Dreadnought, you can take on the role of the commander of the entire human fleet and personally win the war. It is Possible not OBMAZYVATSJA policy, but simply to blow up to Hell pirate stations, receiving from the government for this tidy sums. And you can even make yourself a Chorus and wash down your empire, simultaneously smashing the faces of both opposing sides. A lot of Classes and everything is not in time-the hero gets older, space manners are getting worse, the blaster gets heavier every year... Sooner or later will have to resign... If, of course, live!
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
"In the Universe there is room for all kinds of people, what will you be? 6.4/10 "After years of Civil war, the Federation emerges victorious and thinking that after this would come years of peace, a new enemy emerged, the Jalkath, an alien species very similar to the Tigers of the Earth. That with devastating attacks were able to prove their worth to humans, new times of war are approaching? Leaving only one of the playable factions of its predecessor, Smugglers V Invasion, it disposes of control of three of them, Syndicate, Outer Rim and Coalition, two of which previously represented the rebellion during the Civil war, while one of them was He joined the federation. Right at the beginning of the adventure we will be allowed to choose between six different professions, which influence whether you take the role of a merchant or a space pirate. Each with different combat skills and different ship. Pros: Complex and entertaining combat Style. Different professions to choose from. Inclusion of new environments and ships that change the way you play. An interesting expansion to the dynamic universe of Smugglers. Cons: High Price for the content you add to the original game. It could Well be launched as a DLC and not as a complete game. You can Only recommend to anyone who has played Smugglers V: Secession before. Conclusion: Smugglers is a unique and interesting universe, entertaining for fans of the genre and an excellent addition to its predecessor, I can only recommend to fans of the game and genre. Full Analysis at Spoil Everything [spoileverything.wordpress.com] Analysis based on a digital copy of the game for steam, facilitated by the team of Niels Bauer Games.
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