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Dragon Cliff 龙崖

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Years after Prince Lu’s rebellion, the Crown Prince of Dragon Court has been mysteriously kidnapped. Dragon Cliff is an RPG/Town Management game. Players are to recruit adventurers, kill monsters, hunt treasures, craft armories, accommodate residents, upgrade town facilities and finally reveal the great mystic behind the Dragon Emperor.Features Up to 25 adventurer classes to choose from. Every class has its own unique battle ability and progression curve. Whether it’s a young warlock, wind wizard, drunk reader, fire spirit or a soul thief, they are all ready to server your town with their exclusive tactics and strategic strength. Time Based Command battle system: During battles, adventurers follow their ability rules to execute turns by themselves. ‘Rage Points’ are accumulated following each unit move, and players can quickly unleash powerful tactics at any time by spending them. As tactics are played in real time instead of taking turns, battles are fast paced and intense! There are almost 100 different active and passive skills to be explored with. Every skill has its distinguishable strategic pros and cons, and begging for players’ experimentation. More than 300 different weapons, armors and accessories to be discovered or produced. More than 200 types of monsters among 5 different maps wait for your exploration. By attracting high class residents and upgrading town facilities, players can build schools and even casinos, specialize in adventurer’s battle skills and improve armory technologies. There are up to 20 different types of residents to be attracted, and each type has its own unique contribution combinations, ranging from technology, culture or political points to valuable raw resources!
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Meta Interaction
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 10
  • Processor: 1 Ghz or faster processor
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 1GB VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Keyboard and Mouse
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Dragon Cliff 龙崖 reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
There has been a Lot of Movement in Idlegenre in recent Years. Publishers large and small have launched monetized Titles to get a Slice of the Waiting Cake that Adventure Capitalist, Clicker Heroes and Raiders of the Lost Idol have split among themselves. Of course, it's also pretty simple: Simpler Gameplay loop ala "The number goes up" And already the Hook Is there. Of course, another Way to Reincarnation for "The number goes up even more" and already the Players are happy. You don't have to worry about Balance in The Lategame either, after all, everything should take a long time. Here are a few More Achievements that bring a small Advantage and the Fish Bait for the Masses is ready. With the corresponding Ingameshop you could earn such a golden Nose. Dragon Cliff slams into this Division, but does without Ingameshop, Reincarnation or tagelic Boredom and that makes it sympathetic in my Eyes. You pay a Fixed Price and can then let off steam with the Full Version of the Game without having to buy here and there. But what is Dragon Cliff? Well, it's an Ilid Game, even if it likes to call itself a Semiidle. The Principle is quite simple: Send five Guys on a Map, let them grin and crafte Gear on the side, ' cause the numbers go up. Interaction The Player looks like you look in all The Jubilee Years, spend the XP, distribute equipment, disassemble EQUIPMENT, improve, re-forge ... And then you send your People on the next Idle Mission and do What-know-me. So Why Semiidle? Well, there's no Offline Progression. This means that XP, Money and Equipment will only come in when the Game is running. I Find a bit stupid, but it reminds me of the classic Version of Adventure Manager from Early Access, which was also Semiidle and took more Time than I would Like. Dragon Cliff is rapidly developing the same Gameplay Loop as many other Idle titles. One enjoys seeing the Numbers grow, waiting for a better Hero from the Tavern, who has a greater Potential and then stuffing him with Experience points until he is equal to the variant currently running The Rounds. Then you look to see if the Numbers are higher and rejoice like a little Boy, if so. It doesn't break anyone's Leg when the Game is running in the Background, even if I get the impression that it eats a lot of resources and noticeably slows down my Box when I run it-just like just now-in the Background. But: You can also get significantly less for 10 Euros. The Gameplay Loop grabbed me And I like this Micromanagement for my People's Equipment to push their DPS up a Bit, cause you know: The numbers go up.
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