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"Warbanners" is a turn-based, tactical strategy game with role-playing elements. Managing a squad of mercenaries, the player will experience the story campaign's 42 missions, with the ultimate goal of solidifying their place in the ancient legends.

Key features:
• Create a unique army: hire and equip soldiers, develop their fighting qualities, and learn new skills.
• Hire assistants: although they do not participate in battles, assistants give different bonuses, including a formidable catapult, poisoning enemies, increasing morale, and much more.
• Immerse yourself in a multi-faceted battle system that takes into account a variety of factors, including landscape and lighting, the direction of the unit's gaze, morale, and fatigue.
• Use the environment for tactical purposes: freeze rivers, chop and burn trees, dig trenches, build bridges and barricades, and so on.
• Choose the optimal level of difficulty: from easy for beginners, to nightmarish for sophisticated tacticians.

With every step marked by blood and iron, an invisible but deadly threat becomes more tangible. Darkness, brooding in the corners of the soul, becomes ever more palpable....

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP or newer
  • Processor: 2GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 512 Mb
  • Storage: 250 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Elven Mercenaries
Hire an elf in the army
Caravan Guard
Protect the caravan!
White Flowers
Warrior Of Renown
Your unit must reach level 10
A Company Of Many
Hire at least 10 assistants
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Warbanners reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Dear Friends of the Round Strategy, What is Warbanners? Actually very similar to battle for wesnoth. But with much smaller Scope. Still buy? absolute! Warbanners is a very good Solid Round-based Strategy game. No storage Option during the Fights themselves. So, you shouldn't make Mistakes either. Fallen Units can be revived, but only at the Expense of permanent Mail (Health, etc). But hey, that's exactly what makes it so exciting, too. One Chamber duration between 30-60 min. Between the Battles you can veal a little your Army (Initially 4 Units later 16). Mainly your Potions buy, revive fallen warriors and thwart found Artifacts new Ones (each Warrior has an Artifact place and up to 3 Slots for Drinks). In Addition, you can hire so-called Assistants. They will then join you at the Beginning of each Fight. What looks like a nice Detail turned out to be a game'S Decisive factor for me. But find that out for Yourself. The Graphics are useful but OK. The Backstory the Tales will, well ... I don't need that. At Difficulty Normal I have taken 33.5 Hours to play through. I didn't have to Start over again as some have written here. Thumbs High! Zock ' n Roll Your Joestone Review is Private, I bought this Game at the Sale for 19.99 EUROS.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Product received for free In Warbanners, as "Roderick," you are leading a force of Mercenaries in a fantasy/medieval world through a straight-talking-and just over 40-Mission-Campaign. The Main Focus in the Game is in his tactical Lap Fights. I Refreshingly felt the Fact that you will have up to 16 of your Own Corners by your side, whereas in comparable Games you usually only have four To eight Cronies by your Side. One recruits his Army of classic Weapons nests, Lance Wearers, Archers or Knights, supplemented by Support Classes such as Magicians or Priestesses just to name a few. There are Also various Dwarf Warriors and Elves to Choose from. Opponents are Initially Villains, mutant Monsters and Orcs, later Undead and Demons. Atmospherically, Middle Earth or the Lord of the Rings makes greet. The whole thing is refined by lightweight Role-playing Elements. You can give Your Comrades-in-arms names, give them some Equipment and Potions, and at Level Ascent you can adjust some Character traits such as Strength, Accuracy or Endurance. The Graphic meets The Indian standard, so no optical Fireworks expect. The Gameplay makes You feel good, even if it starts a bit very busy at first. Until the Troupe Gets really Bumms you have to fight a few Battles and upgrade the Stats. At the Beginning, your Corners barely hit a Tree ... Even from half a metre Away. The Story is appealing enough to stick to the Pole. The German Translation is excellent. It came up with a high "just one More battle" Factor, although I'm not so the Fan of Fantasy and Elven play. But the good Lap tactics made up for this for me again. There is a certain Degree of difficulty. In addition to the Main Story, you have the Opportunity to contest voluntary Arena battles in order to gain Gold and Experience. This Feature was apparently only submitted after Release, as the increasing Degree of difficulty in the Course of the Campaign caused the Own Troupe to fall Behind too quickly. I had to make proper Use of these "Filler fights." Some Grinding did indeed come up as a result. Be that as it may. A very good Game. Friends of Lap tactics should definitely risk a closer Look. I am already Looking forward to the Promised Successor with a slightly more open World. It took Me a leisurely 30 Hours to Play through the Campaign. P.S.: Am also on the road at Steam as a Curator and I am happy about every Follower: http://store.steampowered.com/curator/2370797-7IDGaming.de/?appid=275290
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