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Sniper Art of Victory

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WW II was a theatre of war for many specialized combat units, working together to ensure an army’s victory. Among them a unique role was played by hidden and deadly marksmen. Their ability to lay motionless waiting for the perfect shot together with their professional equipment allowed them to change the course of the history with one pull of a trigger.
Become a sharpshooter and take part in the turning points of the WW II. Eliminate the Nazi general, who came to support the Germans lying siege to Stalingrad. Make your way through areas occupied by the Third Reich to your unit. Aid the Alliance forces during their offensive on the Italian Peninsula to break the resistance of the retreating Wehrmacht forces.
Key features:
  • Realistic sniper rifles: Mosin-Nagant PU and Mauser98KS.
  • Faithfuly reproduced uniforms and equipment of the Third Reich soldiers.
  • Realistic locations rendering the atmosphere of Russia and Italian Peninsula during the war.
Release date
CI Games
CI Games
Age rating
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista
  • Processor: 1,6 GHz CPU
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: ATI Radeon 8500or GeForce3 class gfx card (or better recommended)
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Sound Card: 16-bit DirectX 9 compatible sound card
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Sniper Art of Victory reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Mega bad! I do not expect that a Game from 2008 will be played in HD, nor do I expect that I, as an adult person in Germany, can decide for myself how much Violence I can see in a Game (Swastikas I still understand, but that in an 18 + Version I do not Blood is allowed to see ...). But what ruals the Game definitive, though, is that the Opponents as soon as there is a Line of Sight to jump on one! No matter how far away they are. You have to pay attention to the Wind And the own Pulse with the sniper rifle, but the Opponents hit with the MGs as if they are not standing 2 Meters away. Sneaking in is not possible, whether you seal to them in the Squat or on your Stomach, as soon as you see the Opponent, it spins around and balloons. With the Gun you hit at a distance of 2 meters at most every 3rd Shot. In the Sniper Rifle, a single Sheet of a Tree in the Shot Lienie is sufficient to no longer hit the Enemy. Until Mission 6, I Persevered with this Horror! But in Mission 6 stands a Tank that fires almost almost almost as soon as there is a Line of Sight to me. The Pipe of the Cannon points forward, you sneak up on the Tank from behind and as soon as nothing is in the Way, the Gun turns and fires as if the Tank has Eyes at the back. Impossible to get on in the Lvl. Every Penny for the Game is too much spent money!
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Hello, I hesitated before I knew how to rate this game. Sniper art of victory has a nice atmosphere when it comes to browsing the levels. The latter are quite large but we are far from an open world, which is not the goal either. The music seemed fun at first but is finally painful to endure and impossible to cut it on pain to remove the entire sound.... Handy, isn't it? The AI of the enemies is totally hallucinating, in the sense that their reactions are so badly done or non-existent that it spoils the pleasure of playing without forgetting..... The itbox of the enemies is how would I say? There are no words to say how disappointing it is.... We try to shoot in an arm, a leg or the torso.... Well no, the soldier is invicible... Is that normal? No, of course not. The enemies spot us even when our character is very well hidden, so should I be told how did they develop the game? We were doing better at the time, we have to stop what... There are only the head shots that work and still very badly... I wanted to make a head shot on a sniper who hadn't seen me, not only was he still alive but he spotted me, isn't it beautiful? For once, a bullet in the torso could kill him..... No comments so.... It's full of bugs of course, whether it's invincible enemies, the scenery where I got stuck, scripts that don't always work properly... I forgot, forget the other weapons, they have no efficiency. I advise against picking up the weapons of the enemies killed because there is practically no ammunition so no interest. It is even sometimes impossible to pick up his old weapon because she disappeared in the scenery... It is sumptuous.... (ironic tone...) I loved finding strategic points in height to kill all the enemies, taking the time by browsing the places of each level. It's just the same... This game is still better than Stalin thingy Truk (FPS dismal) but it's not hard to say... If I speak of Stalin, it is that I have noted it just before, voila... Instead, throw yourself on the SNIPER ELITE series.... < 3 cordially.
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