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Early Access Review Hello together, I've been playing Solforge Since about September 2013, and what should I say? I love it! It's completely f2p playable. Of course, in this Case, you shouldn't expect to have the best Cards at your disposal right away. However, By Learning the possible Dailies alone, it is possible to collect a nice Collection of available cards after a few Weeks (about a few weeks to a few Months). I think the Gameplay is super successful. I have not experienced The played cards in the next Round as a tracked version in any other Card Game-I find class. Of course, the Outcome of a Game also depends somewhat on the Luck of the cards drawn, which also contributes to the Appeal of the Game. Thus, even as a Player with less good Cards, it is possible to win against someone with better Cards in case they are Unlucky on their Side. In short: As it should be in any card game! In Summary, I would like to make a clear Recommendation for this Game. If you Like or like Magic or any other Collectible card Game, it's definitely worth a Look at Solforge!
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Early access review the latest extremely abrupt, relentless and disruptive update. And without getting into the details of the many technical problems. Why I stop playing: end of the daily rewards system mentioned in the copy of the favorable notice below. It was the only accept of the game that was routine and allowed to complete its collection little by little without taking the lead. The PvP system is horrible. The rewards being granted only during online victories, I do not see the interest to create a 2nd account to win 2 rewards per day (1 booster for the first win, for 4 WINS I do not know). I want to point out the brilliant idea of the developers who put the game in free mode (or almost) that with a few hours allowed to get all the cards of the game (legendary included) and complete your entire collection by having at least 3 copies of each card. I felt absolutely no pleasure in opening a few hundred booster as a result while I was bored. I also realized that I would have had to play for at least 5 years to unlock everything. I would point out that the purchase price of the 6-card boosters went from 5000 silver to 7500, which the standard dratf tournament reminds me of the Hearstone arena mode. The economic model now becomes a big handicap: too much gold is needed for the slightest "paid" purchase. The compensations are:-the purchase of a legendary Pack for 1 silver (12 cards of which at least 1 legendary and 3 heroic)-double the daily rewards for 2 weeks except that I had benefited from the period "free" to have all the cards in 6 minimum copies (legendary included), a little less than 499 960 standard boosters and about 300 000 boosters of the new extension, 30 million of silver, the 4 decks sold at the game store and unlock the 50 slots available to create its decks. So the compensation is far from sufficient. the free period allowed me to do the "mourning" of this game and stop without being disgusted, I just have a few regrets to lose my daily routine. I played this game for a year and a half, without buying gold: economical model too expensive for virtual, as much buy real cards at these rates. SBE managed to lose an active player who played quietly in his corner without bothering anyone. I recommend this game to new players who do not intend to buy cards with golds. This game is now reserved for PvP players to progress, facing the AI has lost its relevance. Conclusion: Farewell to this game.