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We spirits are curious things, Zero. We all have a purpose to fulfill, and each of us represents something. And I hope you can figure out what you represent, too. Guess you can figure that out while you're off putting the whole world back together.

Soma Union is a galaxy-spanning adventure that returns to the world of Soma! ...or so it would, if your planet had not been destroyed in a great calamity. As you roam through the cosmos to find the missing fragments of your home world, you'll meet a colorful cast of characters and make important choices that may not be as clear as they seem.

Soma Union is an SNES-styled RPG that aims to celebrate the classics (and the not-so-classics because they deserve love, too). As you experience this space-faring story, you'll explore vast dungeons, interact with strange characters, fight riveting turn-based battles and discover the fate of a shattered land!

Combat is all about synergy and supporting one another! The Role System changes your characters' roles in battle:

Fight your enemies with the damage-dealing Power role, or enhance other party members' abilities with the Support role! By utilizing roles to your advantage, you'll be able to achieve great effects that a single party member can't accomplish alone!

  • Embark on a galaxy-spanning quest to put your home world back together again, because this planet can't seem to catch a break, apparently.
  • Unleash powerful Spirit abilities regardless of your current role to turn the tide of battle!
  • Collect valuable Power Gems to skip enemy encounters with the push of a button... or tough it out and exchange them for rare prizes!
  • Fully custom visuals. And a stellar soundtrack by SpecialAgentApe
  • 10+ hours of good ol' son-of-a-gun RPG gameplay.
  • Funny jokes. The heehees and the hawhaws.

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon XP
  • Graphics: 512 MB RAM
  • Storage: 130 MB available space
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Last Modified: Nov 5, 2021

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This Is Becoming a Problem
Buy soda from vending machines 256 times.
The Heir Abhorrent
Complete Chapter 2.
These Aren't All That Neato
Return every Toy Schematic to Neato Toys.
Appreciate the Night Sky
Spend at least 7500 Stardust on the Star Chart.
Great in a Soup
Exchange every Hermit Crab in Ripple Railway.
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