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Space Empires V

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Space Empires V is the latest edition in the Space Empires series. This new chapter completely updates the UI and takes the player into a real-time rendered 3D universe. Watch space battles played out in glorious detail and realistic effects. Expand, Explore, Exploit, and Exterminate in a huge living breathing galaxy. New features abound with political alliances between multiple empires, a top-down ship design system, a hexagonal movement grid, and many more. Due to player demand, the game is completely 'moddable' and even adds a scriptable AI system to the mix. Space Empires V boldly takes the next step in the genre of space strategy
  • 24 bit 3D real-time rendered graphics.
  • Detailed Tactical Combat (and a combat simulator to test your designs!).
  • New vehicle types and sizes: Ships, Bases, Freighters, Fighters, Mines, Satellites, Troops, Drones, and Weapons Platforms.
  • Ability to completely design and customize all of your vehicles.
  • Large Galaxy: 100 solar systems with 15 planets each.
  • Huge Technology Tree: Thousands of tech levels with hundreds of components and facilities.
  • Completely customizable game graphics: Create your own planets, stars, vehicles, etc.
  • Completely customizable AI players: Create your own AI players with unique traits, styles, and speech.
  • 14 unique races to play or customize (or just create your own!)
  • Randomly generated map for every game (or load an existing map).
  • Complete game customization allowed by players ("mods").
Release date
Malfador Machinations
Strategy First
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Not rated

System requirements for PC

Minimum System Requirements: Pentium 500MHz or better class machine, Windows XP, 64 megabytes RAM or better, 1024x768 or better screen resolution, 16 bit color display or better, DirectX 7.0 (or better), A video card with 3D acceleration, 500 megs hard drive space, A sound card capable of supporting MP3 and DirectSound playback. Sound card must be DirectX 7.0 (or better) compatible.
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Space Empires V reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Space Empires 5 is, in my Opinion, one of the best Games related to turn-based Universe Strategy, along with Master of Orion 2. The 200 Hours here in Steam do not cover the played time of the Game at wide. I recommend using Mods (DevnullMod/Crimson Concept/Balance Mod), where each has its Idiosyncrasies and I always play alternately. One builds round-based empire by colonizing or taking Planets. For this you need Ships whose Shell is equipped with individual Modules for the corresponding Task. A Ship needs a Bridge, Residential Complexes, life Support, Drives and Warehouses for Supplies. But Transport Ships can also be equipped with Storage Rooms or as Minesweepers. There are camouflaged ships, Construction ships, research ships, Point defense Ships, defense satellites, weapon platforms, (flying) Space bases, mines, Wormhole manipulation, star Destroyers, shield tank ... All self-equipped and designed for the Respective Purpose. The Equipment is continuously improved by Research and always bring new Ships. The Planets are built with many different Buildings and can be protected with Weapon Platforms. To name just a few Buildings research Complex, Space Port, mineral Mines, farms, Minerals Scanners, supply Depot, storage Rooms, planetary shield Generator, Factories, ... Only when Spacecraft Factories have been built can ships be built. In addition, you can build Bases, Shipyards, Mines, satellites, drones, Hunters and ring Worlds in the Final Game. Other Recreational Activities include Blasting suns, walking Black Holes, manipulating Warp Nodes and forming Suns out of Fog. Fights run for 3 Minutes in Real time and run manually or automatically (with Time Lapse). All Ships can be equipped with a Combat Roll (maximale/optimal Range, Kamikaze, Will not be injured, etc.). You can take advantage of tactical Advantages, such as firing at maximum Range with Rockets or stacking all Ships on top of each other to perform maximum Alpha damage on the first Shot. What makes the Game? It's the typical "just one Round" game. You want to know if the Plan you worked out 10 Rounds ago (1 Year of Play) works. Is food back in the stable Range? Does my Fleet manage to thwart the attack at the Warp Point, Which is pewn through my Scout? The Atmosphere of Planet X has been transformed into a breathable Environment, am I building the rest of The planet with Factories full or am I using the high Mineral Quality to Mine? What will my Ring World become? I hope I was able to give an Insight into the Game. It's so much more than just a space settlement 4X Game. I'm now building myself the Atlantis flying Space Base:) Note: To play the Game properly, you unfortunately have to do a lot, rummage through Forums and make some Configurations. In my Case, this even goes up to The Overclock of the CPU to 4.5 GHz in order to finally be able to enjoy the Game without long Loading Time. Only one CPU is used for the main Calculations and this is without Clicking at 80-90%.
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