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Space Moth DX

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Space Moth DX Space Moth DX is the definitive edition of 1CC Games' intense arcade shoot 'em up, with a brand new DX Mode that will put even veteran bullet dodging skills to the test! Beginners are catered for as well, with a rebalanced Arcade Mode that's just right for anyone looking to get started with bullet hell games. Laser Insecticide Fact: everything is better with lasers. So we put lasers on over 30 angry giant insects who want to stop you, Space Moth, from escaping Earth and going to the Moon. Show them who's boss and blast your way into space! Ultimate Control Eight directions. Three buttons. Keyboard, controller and arcade stick support. The freedom to remap any setup as you please. Jump straight into the game without having to worry about finger gymnastics! Satisfying Scoring Batter the bad guys with a missile barrage until they turn neon, then finish them off with your super laser for a massive bonus! But be careful: neon enemies are much more aggressive! Tough Love Space Moth will challenge you, fiercely. But Space Moth also wants to help you improve, so you can overcome those challenges. Your current condition (position, bombs and lives remaining) will be saved at the start of each stage and boss fight. Then if you lose all of your lives, you will be given the option to return to the condition recorded in the most recent save. But be warned: your score will be reset! Prog Rock Prodigy Space Moth mixes up the indie game music scene with a soundtrack that's less NES chiptune or Amiga tracker, and more Tangerine Dream. Proper Pixel Art When was the last time most indie graphics artists sat down and played a game on a real CRT? For 1CC games, the answer is today. So you won't find any mixed-resolution assets or showy shader effects, just proper pixel art!
Release date
Jan 22, 2016
1CC Games
Black Shell Media
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • Processor: 2.5 GHz Dual Core or more
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1GB VRAM or more (Intel HD 3000, AMD HD 5450, NVIDIA 9400 GT)
  • Storage: 65 MB available space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Space Moth DX reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
That's the ball! (You hadn't seen it coming, this rotten pun, huh?) In space moth DX you can find a lot of Nice elements that make you think for example a Touhou 6. Already, for those who, like me, are fed up with always blowing up stuff in space, surrounded by ships that are all alike, this game is cool. Insects, nature, pretty colors, graphics side, it's good, as long as we have nothing against the pixel look. But this, for the players of shmups, in principle, it is acquired. On the gameplay side, it's a gem. Deliberately Enerver enemies to pick up more points by killing them, it's not cumbersome, as innovation (I think of the last Touhou, that we would spend more time to understand than to work), and yet, it's a hell of a job. Forcing the player to juggle between two weapons, and at the same time to limit his use of the focus mode, under penalty of making a rotten score, it is well thought out, and the result is small onions. On the difficulty side, overall, it's affordable. Without easy mode for beginners, the game is already aimed at seasoned players, but is not so hard, in the genre. For me, the big weakness was the sound design. The music is really not top, especially that of the bosses. This is surely why, in addition to the lack of diversity of patterns, the game does not make so much talk about it. It does not stop me to recommend it warmly to amateurs of the genre!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
"Space Moth DX" is an Old-school bullet light shooter. Bullet source typical Is to dodge the Projectiles of the Opponents who come upon us in Patterns. Our Hit box does not consist of our entire Spaceship, but only of a small Point in the Middle of our Ship. Meanwhile, we enter through an ever-pressed Button Continuous Fire, shatter simple Enemies and Bosses and collect Items that bring Points. "Space Moth DX" is set in The Insect Realm. So Our Opponents are Beetles, Dragonflies or even water Lilies or Frogs. All outflow Projectiles in species-specific Patterns. At the End of a Passage there is always a Boss Opponent waiting, such as a giant Deer Beetle. Bullet-Hell is meant very seriously. There are Moments when almost the whole Screen is full of Projectiles and we have to squeeze through the few Gaps. Overall, the Game is not very long, but due to the challenging Degree of Difficulty it guarantees longer fun. The most important thing with such Titles, the Controls, is direct and easily controllable, so a Success is really based on the skill of the Player. Graphics and Music is pure Retro, Japanese alt-connourishy. Aptly and skillfully, anachronistic Feelings are addressed. The Style is simple, charming, colorful, creative and entertaining. Rating: 7/10 Atmosphere 6/10 Story 7/10 Graphic 7/10 Sound 7/10 Game Mechanics 7/10 Balancing 7/10 Game Pass Conclusion: Sympathetic Little Retro Bullet-Hell Shooter. 7/10 Overall Rating
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