Star Nomad 2 reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Star Nomad 2 is a SPAZ style game (ships seen from above managed in arcade plan with elements of role and tactics-strategy...) with a very personal touch of the developer which, by the way, I think is a zombie or something because it does not sleep, spends day and night in the for or responding to people and helping or upgrading updates (it takes thing as well as 9 in 4 days). Maybe where you can notice the only developer is in the graphics that, however, meet the sea of good with its function, but do not excel in excess. The game is very stable, no errors in bulk and bugs so silly that I have not seen (and must be fixed, anyway, seen the hyperactivity of man East). The Sound section is correct, no more, but I recognize that I end up turning off the music because I get tired after a while. As for gameplay and control, I had read some complaints in several reviews before buying it that I had some doubts, but I'm glad I decided to buy it because I have no complaint of the controls. Reliable and (almost) completely reconfigurable (less some combination like shooting all weapons or missiles that I don't know why they can't be changed), it becomes very simple to handle the ship considering, yes, the speed of it because some are slower than A tortoise, especially those of the beginning. Your character can raise the level by achieving experience and thus spend points in various areas such as armament, energy, speed, maneuverability, etc. It Is missing A level dedicated to the Merchant, since even the ship that has more load capacity does not differ much from others allegedly dedicated to hunting pirates, for example. The map is large, has as 50 systems or so joined together by fixed interstellar doors that avoid that you can jump from one system to another without passing through the intermediate. Although this did not convince me at first, then makes sense when you are forced to go through a system harassed by pirates or even in full invasion and gives a truly fun touch to the game. These systems have their governments that belong to one of the existing alliances, are either independent or pirate-controlled. This, coupled with various events that occur (randomly, what is appreciated) as food crises, space blockades, invasions, wars and other Stories make the universe look alive and move around you, changing the systems of hands and Making you see that you can participate in it effectively. To influence This universe, you can, for example, help transport food to a scarcity planet or you can annoy them by blocking and attacking all the merchants you see that appear, if you feel a Piraton. This influences the "outcome" of that event, making your decisions count in global history. Of course, having several factions, you have to bear in mind that your actions will bring consequences for the next time you appear by the system or you visit an ally of the system where, by ejemplooo, you let half of the population starve to death of D Estrozar every ship that brought supplies (and you did a good amount of money, that not only we are bad because yes...) Careful, because those same alliances will prevent you from negotiating on certain systems or even landing on them, limiting the bases on which to rearm or buy supplies (and their ships can blow your noses as soon as they see you, that too). Edited: I forgot that, of course, you can choose to join one of the factions to get certain advantages and Have safe bases or not marry anyone and go from flower to flower. In Short, a game with a lot of content to give you hours and hours of fun in an ever changing universe, which will make two games never equal, especially as time passes and change the distribution of systems, the number of pirates and according to events That appear where you can participate or not, as you are interested. Special Mention and honorary Oscar to the developer who is working as few. I Wish we had more like this in the gaming market and less "pirates" of those others. Totally recommended if you go these games.