Sub Blaster (Alpha)

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Sub Blaster is a shoot-em-up. The goal is to destroy the assault of evil Emperor Aerok. Currently, however, you just shoot various enemies until you die in a boomie, underwater death.

As of right now there are 10 player submarines each unique with its own ability, 19 enemy classes, 7 bosses, 7 player weapons, and 15 weapon upgrades and submarine enhancements. Currently there are 3 upgrades you can purchase for 4 different submarines, but in the next update every player-controlled submarine will have 3 upgrades each.

Enemies are spawned randomly. Each wave brings stronger enemies. You have visit the store after each boss fight, so make sure you get what you can when you can! Bosses are spawned randomly, and they are more powerful the more you progress. If you can easily handle a boss in Wave 1, you may not even be able to dent the windshield wipers in a later wave (that's just silly, I know, could you imagine? Haha, windshield wipers underwater? You'd need some crazy powerful ones to keep your windows dry down there!). For instance, Captain in Wave 1 is a completely different challenge when compared to Captain in Wave 3.

One life, a lot of enemies, various weapons and upgrades... a healthbar. I don't know, just play it! Please let me know of any bugs. I am also taking all suggestions into consideration. You all are the ones playing
the game, so you know what would make it more fun.

Sub Blaster is still in Alpha, so please understand it may have game crashing bugs. My team can only uncover so much at a time. We're working very hard, but bugs are sneaky little things. And by "team", I mean myself. This is a solo project, so be kind, if you would, Internet. Please let me know of anything suspicious you find. You'll be helping me more than you know!

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Shaine Kruel
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Not rated

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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