Sweezy Gunner reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Sweezy gunner is a top-view shooter proposing a progression similar to that good old Zelda with exploration through several game screens, acquiring abilities to cross new frontiers, hidden quarters of hearts a little everywhere and not beautiful bosses. Here, all enemies want your skin and will take charge of rushing you over or sending a flood of colorful bullets in your face until you form monstrous patterns if you don't clean the screen quickly. Well we are far from a manic shooter in terms of difficulty, especially with the acquisition of a shield exhaustible but usable on order by confronting a certain boss (However the use of the shield prevents you from firing) and health that it is possible to dropper quite rarely. But the challenge is there because death leads back to the beginning of the Dungeon or biome that we cross and a loss of a fraction of our pecules. Speaking of sub, here they will be used to purchase various permanent improvements (Cadence or firing power, velocity of projectiles or car that one controls, retention of the shield, etc.) at a merchant-provided you have collected enough "Sweezy coins" hidden here and there in the levels; or by purchasing improvements that can be obtained if you have "analyzed" enough enemies with repeated genocides. In addition, scoring is traded against the size of your bank account, which multipliers obtained for having completed an increasing number of enemies without suffering damage will take care to grow. It will be added that the monsters will release different temporary power-ups modifying the behavior of your attacks (flamethrowers, multi-shots, mine shields, etc.) or making the Sub rain. Before concluding, we will move quickly to small flaws very minor to qualify the table: the resolution is fixed (3/4 of an HD resolution about) but playing in full screen is possible by enlarging the window, the electronic music although Super-stakeholders are limited to each biome and can therefore be a bit redundant if one drags on and finally the first hour of play is a little soft and arduous before the first improvements of statistics. SG therefore remains an excellent shooter affordable but not devoid of challenge, addictive and gradually fun but especially offering a refreshing alternative to replacing the goal of scoring by exploration and completion (besides 9 hours of play reach the 100%). The developers love their game and it shows, especially that it is in preparation an additional mode at the time I write these lines, in addition to a mode "survival" already present.