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T8 Snake is a porting from Commodore 64 to PC of the most innovative snake game of all time: P0 Snake!

P0 Snake of Antonio Savona requires only one button to control the snake over 31 levels of different places. This will change what you ever know about a snake game!

T8 Snake offers the Classic levels of P0 Snake (all elements are accurately positioned as in Commodore 64 version thanks to the original source code contribution) and then improve it with Modern levels for a total of 64.

T8 Snake supports up to 4 users, so you can let your friends to play to it without affects your levels progression.

T8 Snake supports English and Italian language.

You can try this game with a free demo version that explore both classical and modern levels, while the final version is given just at the cost of a coffee for each people that contribute to it.

Game is in Java and is tested in Windows and Linux (if you are a Mac users, please test the demo version before buy it).

You can always run it with a simple "java -jar t8-snake.jar" from a console as soon as you had Java installed into your pc, but for Windows there are even an executable version that comes with and embedded Java Runtime Environment that simplify it.

Android port for smartphone will arrived soon...

For every question or problem please contact us at [email protected], [email protected] or PM at https://www.facebook.com/T8Snake/

Note: actually yuor system should have a video driver that use  hardware accellerate OpenGL graphics for let the game  to be executed correctly, so try the demo to be sure your system is suitable for T8 Snake.

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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