Table Tennis Ping Pong

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Challenge many AI levels opponents in this table tennis simulation and .win the Olympic Tournament!

Olympic Table Tennis Ping Pong is a new way of playing table tennis, totally different from other table tennis games on store: here, the paddle follows the ball, you concentre on where you want to send it and the lift to apply.

The goal is to leave the device away from the ball.

The game be can played with touchscreen on tablet or  with mouse instead of touchscreen on PC.  You use your mouse on screen like you would use a screen touch (press left button and slide mouse when wanting to make a move)

Full 3D, the game is driven by an highly realistic physics engine.

Make sure to watch tutorial to check how to play. As we say, it is different from other table tennis games!

To make sure the game runs at high speed on your device, you can choose the attendance level, toggle shadows on/off...

Use your mouse to play on desktop.

Time to compete!

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Pix Arts
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Not rated
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Last Modified: Oct 28, 2019

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