Tales from the Void reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
I completely passed Tales from the Void two times and I can say that I liked the game, although it is a severe "INDIE" with all the inherent disadvantages of such games. First about the bad:-Tales from the Void-this is when you scream with the falling into the void of the Sailor: "A-A-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a!!!" The Management is very not familiar, and need to think twice It was Especially hard to learn to jump: In order to jump over the abyss you need to specify a point on the opposite side and podbavit gas with the right mouse button. Generally "Acceleration"-a universal way to get from point "A" to Point "B" pointing the mouse direction, as well as the ability to extinguish the inertia of the shot and quickly evade the enemy's shells. By the Way, if you order to follow the crowd for one unit, it is guaranteed to lead them to death. -Dangerous and useless equipment. Some types of equipment pose a threat to units much more than enemies. For Example, a bleed in both hands is a ticket to nothingness. It is also dangerous to use a Sniper, machine gun, shotgun, non-belt-stabilizer or inertia damper. Especially Dangerous rifle-left unattended fighter, noticing the enemy, begins to shoot the gun and flies to the bottom. The description of weapons is not always written, whether it is possible to use it only in manual mode of guidance, and what minimum distance to the target should be. One-Handed weapon is very weak. The spinal modifiers are heavy. The inertia Damper/latch has time to activate only when it is too late. Another very dangerous modifier for the legs, which gives an impulse when moving forward-a lot of good people in his account. Rocket Launcher-The weapon is really useful, but there are situations when rockets cling to corners or obstacles, and usually such volley ends with funerals. But the most suicidal weapon is a torpedo volley: and enemies and friends sends for the horizon, and suitable situations for its use I have not found. -Shortcomings in the collection of resources. If with food and air everything is clear-how many collected, so much and will be added in the form of a bonus, the situation with equipment and weapons is not clear. As I understand, at the end of the job offer to choose a weapon equivalent to the collected number of "boxes of weapons", but it is not clear how much to collect boxes to get a Tomson machine or shock-gun. As a result, to the 15th level in the luggage compartment are rocket launchers, mortars and belts-stabilizers, and the elephant fight for the whole game and did not get caught-not thought out this moment developers absolutely! And weapons dropped from the hands of the dead companions can not be picked up, and on the map is not with him caches. -Dumb enemies. Yes the enemies here are extremely dumb, they will not try to surround you or take a number, they on their own will break down, and for a long time stunned incomprehensible from what... And there are types of mortars that undermine themselves... But Given how many ways there is for a suicide wards, it can be said that it is not so bad. "We just wanted some money." In the game the abyss of all sorts of small bugs and defects, as not in time triggered scripts on the map or the lack of description of the automatic grenade launcher. And It is not surprising that there are no sound settings in this game. Now about why IT is worth once to play: + Strange and mysterious game world is something strongly reminiscent of XEN from HALF-LIFE. It is a Pity that on the map there are no scripted scenes and destructible objects, but without them unusual entourage is impressive, despite the extreme poverty of the budget. + Live reading. If you like the creativity of Jules Verne and the science fiction of the early twentieth century, then buy this product boldly. Reading the ship's log instead of the rollers you have to liking. + Stimulation of the thought process. In The game there are moments, forcing frantically to press the SPACEBAR to call a tactical pause, the truth of such moments very little.