Tamagotchi no Narikiri Channel

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'Tamagotchi no Narikiri Channel' (otherwise known as たまごっちのなりきりチャンネル) is a Tamagotchi game developed by Dimps Corporation for the Nintendo DS. It was released only in Japan on November 5th, 2009. Being the first game to be stylized after the franchise's animated series, 'Tamagotchi!', it is the sixth Tamagotchi entry made for the DS.

Choose between Mametchi or Lovelitchi as your sidekick to join the sensational idol program, where you must reach the top of Tamagotchi Planet's billboard charts! Set foot into the studios of TAMAX-TV, the heart of Tama Street, and indulge in a myriad of activities to become a famed Tamagotchi.

Begin your journey with your partner as starting singers, and work your way down the list to become superstars! Work with over 20 dramatic movie sets and castings, open a detective agency, broadcast songs, chat with colleagues, collect beautiful outfits, and snoop around the facilities of Tama Street to uncover its secrets. Bond with your Tamagotchi in their apartment, and root each other on to- someday- become sensational pop idols!

System requirements for Nintendo DS

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Last Modified: May 31, 2022

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