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The Caligula Effect: Overdose

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Mobius. An idyllic world that exists for the sake of letting people forget about the pain and problems of reality. In this world created by a sentient vocaloid program, μ (Mu), reality and fantasy has become blurred, allowing people to relive their high school years in bliss. Yet in this seemingly beautiful and perfect world, something is amiss.
Escape from this false paradise with your fellow students and return to reality in The Caligula Effect: Overdose!
Key Features: An Overdose of New Features - The Caligula Effect: Overdose boasts enhanced visuals and gameplay! Explore new scenarios, endings, and the “Forbidden Musician Route” while escaping the virtual world of Mobius.

The New Faces of Kishimai High - Play as the newly added female protagonist! Plus, meet two new members of the Go-Home Club, who each have their own new Ostinato Musician to face.
Use the Imaginary Chain! - Turn-based battle meets exhilarating action in this refined JRPG battle system! Develop a flawless strategy after using the Imaginary Chain to predict what your enemies will do next!
Unite and Escape - Sometimes, it’s hard to go it alone. Befriend over 500 other students in this imaginary paradise to improve your skills in battle and ultimately return to reality.

Release date
NIS America Inc.
Engine Software BV
FURYU Corporation
NIS America, Inc., NIS America
Age rating
17+ Mature

System requirements for PC

  • OS: TBA
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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The Caligula Effect: Overdose
Acquire all trophies.
Global Investigator
Solve all Enigmas.
School Sleuth
Solve the mystery of the 21-class leader.
Complete the main story with both the male and female protagonist.
A World, Surrounded by Close Friends
Accumulate over 100 friends with ★ Affinity.
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The Caligula Effect: Overdose reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Caligula effect is a little strange beast: despite its obvious lack of budget that handicap the game still manages to some critical successes. On the side of the unpleasant surprises, one can cite the repetitive and ugly decorations, its long and ininterressant dungeons that one must redo 2 times each (sic) and a staging blurred that sometimes harms the good understanding of the action (especially at the beginning). For the good, we have the fascinating plot, the scenario well conducted with twists and turns, the characters who are all well written and surprising, and finally the original and well-ruined combat system. Basically, you can plan 3 actions as a result for each perso, with the possibility of "seeing" the future to make sure that the actions of the teammates are well synchronized and adapted to those of the enemies. The real question is can you support the repetitiveness of the game and cling to the scenario? Fortunately, the fights are simple (normal), the secondary quests to poop are one can no longer optional and the game has the common sense to let the players focus on the script if they want. On the other hand, do not listen to the reviews that compare the game to persona. No, that's really not the case. The closest to persona on PC remains (the excellent) TOKYO XANADU EX + that I warmly recommend. If you haven't already done so, then go take a look at it first and come back here if you want an extra ' of JRPG with Japanese students!
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
The Game came out very good and almost did not disappoint. Personally for me, as a fan of this universe, quite a long wait for the release of this game was fully justified. Pros of the game: + System of battles. It is very easy to learn, but it is very diverse: you need not just combine abilities, and select the necessary timings for effective interaction of several abilities of different characters among themselves. + Optimization. There is nothing to Optimize here, but it is still nice that similar games can be run on ancient machines with a decent fps. + Music. There is nothing to say, the songs μ beautiful. + Open World. Pity only a little bit of emptiness for its impressive size. Cons:-Graphics. The Graphics during the battle is far from ideal, but pleasing to the eye. For such a project is more than enough. But when getting out of the battle-the eyes hurt. A lot of pixel images instead of full 3D textures. For The 2019 of the year it is very bad. Fat minus. But the Game menu is very beautiful, there is nothing to say. Price. For such a project expensive. Content is not cheap. If There was such an insanely serious problem with graphics, then maybe her money would be worth it. Perhaps That's all I can say about the game at the moment. As I go through The review. The fact that there is no Russian localization is a bit sad. Bottom line: Still, not for a beautiful picture of this universe to me so much liked. And, despite the terrible graphics, the impressions of the game so far pleasant. Fans of this universe recommend to buy, the rest of the same recommend waiting for discounts.
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