The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim reviews

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After a few Hours of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, I decided to write a Review. The Story: Set roughly 100 Years after the Events of Oblivion, the story takes place in Skyrim, part of Tamirel. The Dragons have returned and so have the Dragon's Blood. As a great Hero, you now have to rid the fantasy world of the Dragons that spread Fear and Terror. When that happened, a War broke out in Skyrim (or "Sky edge" for that matter), in which one either chooses one Side or remains impartial. Through countless Decisions, one can determine the whole Career of the Character, from the Assassin who kills Nobles to the noble warrior who protects the poor Citizens from Bandits and Skevers. The Gameplay: So After you have shaped your Hero from a Selection of several Breeds and spend almost hours (at least I can spend the ... ^^) embellishing the face with Details, which however really does not matter again, since you always have a Helmet anyway Wearing, it starts either in the 3rd person or 1st person. The simple Control you have after a few Hours of playing on it without any problems and even I didn't have to put anything great around. The Graphics: Skyrim is really a damn pretty Game that is made even more beautiful by numerous Mods from the Steam Workshop. However, I had a small Graphic Bug for a while, which is why Soldiers, Horses and Dragons were suddenly purple and Textures were also a Foreign Word as a result. But after a quick Review of the Game Files, that, too, was fixed again. The Music: In My Opinion, Music plays a big Role in Skyrim. Whether during a Fight or Wandering Through meadows, the Music always fits. Alone when I first played Skyrim, I almost got Goosebumps in the Start Menu through the Music, which I still listen to in full Every Time. (Yes, I know I'm hobbyless:D). An epic Game just needs epic Music. The Fight: The Hero is equipped with a Bar for Life, Magika and Endurance, which decreases depending on the Use or damage Assignment. With the Weapons, you have plenty of Choices, from the Bow to the Piston with a Shield or Spell to the Iron Two-handed, not to mention the Wands. Depending on what you choose, of course, the Character's Skills also improve. This can then be improved in the Driving menu. In addition, after each Step ascent, you can level up one of the three Bars (Life, Magika, Endurance). Other: What bothered me a little bit was that some of the NPC's Spokespeople had a few Difficulties with their Lyrics. It is not uncommon for your Counterpart to break off in the middle of the Sentence or for the Conversation to Be a little confused and not to be given a certain Answer at all, which is why you then have to reload the Score. Also, some Companions probably have a limited AI * hust * Lydia * hust * ... However, for me these are only small Criticisms, which have little Weight, but you can still mention it. But what I like very much is the DLC's Dragonborn, Hearthfire and Dawnguard. So If you should buy Skyrim, the Legendary Edition with all DLC's. It's really worth it a lot. Also commendable Is the still quite active community, which is constantly designing new Mods that are really helpful (everyone has certainly dropped off the Road and hasn't found them again. Then you look for the Path, at the End a rock face rides up at the 90 ° angle and then suddenly sees the Path again. That's why I got a Mod that represents the Road yellow:D). In the Beginning, however, the Opponents are frustrating, which are not co-leveled and are still very strong at the Beginning. An absolute Plus, in my Opinion, is the City Watches, which ask the Character if anyone would have stolen his Candy. :D Conclusion: Definitely recommended, even if you didn't play the Predecessors. If the few Criticisms I've voiced weren't, I'd give The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 10/10 with a clear Conscience, but that's how it stays with "only" 9/10. And even after so many Hours, I haven't seen it all and will continue to diligently hunt Dragons and Bandits. Feedback on the Review is welcome. ^^ And thus, Gamercookie over and out:)/b]
Really buggy. The missions are boring as fuck. Not immersive at all. The best thing about it are the mods that make it better. But the vanilla game, I'll never understand how it got so popular. 
«Buggy as hell»
«Ugly as my life»
Skyrim on Switch does what it is for - being Skyrim on Switch. Nothing unexpected here if you’ve ever played Skyrim anywhere else. A huge open world with a lot of content in it, a compelling story - everything from Skyrim is here. The best part is that it’s portable, so it’s a good chance to revisit the world of Skyrim while travelling to work.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»