The Other World 2: The Magnificent Seven

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A direct sequel to The Other World, The Magnificent Seven picks up where John now finds himself back on the other side of the world. And the real fun, it just begins :)

Thinking that he finally escaped the game with Jane and Cliff, he found himself paralyzed instead and faced with the looming threats of the Dark Dwellers led by The Magnificent Seven to eliminate all but Magica-born—those they considered weak—to create a world with greater strength.  And only, great strength.

* * *


The Magnificent Seven introduces the seven villains in the real world, with roaming seas, remote jungles, hidden kingdom, and realms of consciousness being explored. All these challenges are for you to conquer, as you continue playing the role of John Doe to move forward and save the humans and demi-humans from the brink of death.

But most importantly, to save those that you care about as more and more characters you will be meeting, that can become either your foes or allies. And eventually, you'll be meeting face to face with the infamous The Magnificent Seven.

The genre of the story:

  • Adventure ( exploring different continents, parts of world )
  • Gore/Horror ( ranging from blood spurting to heart-eating )
  • Romance ( the double J of the story, closer than before )
  • Fantasy/Magical ( it's a story with wizards and adventurers )

* * *


Adopting the nature of choices behind CYOA (choose-your-own-adventure) game, your decision will influence the story, and making a wrong move might lead to your demise. Similar to the original, there will be:

  • Checkpoints for each chapter (to jump between )
  • Achievements system (23 to earn in total)
  • Light/Dark mode is also available for reading preferences.
  • Auto-saving system to pick up where you left off.
  • Interactive choices that lead to different events/endings.
* * * WHAT'S NEXT?

There will be a third and final part for this series, totaling up to three parts. Yes, a trilogy. Currently, the first and second (this) part have been published. With 10 chapters, 90k+ words in total including the branched out stories, this series will take you deeper into the world of fantasy and choices.

Enjoy. Praise God of Magica.


* * *

Book 1 | Book 2 | Book 3

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Last Modified: Jan 2, 2023

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