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This Key was provided for Review purposes by The Developer. What is The Spatials? In The Spatials, you build a Base on a faraway Planet, with The Spatials still having a second Main Feature-The Game is divided into Ground combat and Building a Base, with both Welded together very well. The Construction of the Base is about satisfying the Needs of its Officers and building an attractive Base for Visitors, which takes up as much Money as possible. In order to make the Base tasty for Visitors, one has to meet their expectation/Needs. These are, for example, sleep, Hygiene or the Desire to shop for Things. The Items you need for this are unlocked with research points, which you only get by completing Combat Missions. These Combat Missions can be found in the Galaxy menu. You gradually unlock more systems here where you can fulfill a Combat Mission on the Planet. Once one has fulfilled the Mission of Planetary, one Usually gets new Combat Comps for the Officers and a few Items, which the Basis for the Production of Objects that the visitors want. In addition, after the Fulfillment Of the soil mission of the Planet, one can import resources, which one also needs for the Production of Objects. Detailed Review The Spatials approaches the basic Build-up and management principle differently than most Games do. The Idea that you have to land on Planets to build the Base and do Missions on it greatly increases the Fun of The game. The Graphics of the Game look very good. The Soundtrack is relatively relaxed, and the Sounds are good, too. At the Beginning, the User Interface seems extremely complex, but after Completing the Short Tutorials, which you don't necessarily have to do, the User Interface is very easy to use. The Controls are simple and quickly learned. In Theory, all you need is a Mouse to Play, but there are a few Hotkeys so you don't have to click everything on the Screen. Both other Grassroots building and ground Missions are very well done and both Are a lot of Fun. Another Thing is that you can still manage the Base during the Fight, if you want to, because you can switch between the Base and the Mission at any time over the User Interface. Unfortunately, the Missions sometimes repeat themselves somewhat, but are well designed. For the Missions that unlock the next Systems, there is always a small Story, so that a Story develops during The Course of The game. The Research menu is very clearly designed. In general, the Game is Fun in all Corners. One small Thing that can quickly get annoying is that there is no Overview of the Resources coming in the Import, but this is just a small Macaque-Otherwise, the Game is very well developed and has virtually no Bugs (at least I haven't discovered a Bug yet). Pro Very Beautiful Graphic Relaxed Music Good Sounds Complexes, but Easy to meidate User Area Simple Control Tutorials Well installed and completely optional, very helpful Innovative Concept NahAnyzu Bugfrei Very many Objects and Items unlockable Construction Mode and Ground Missions merge Well The Research Tree has a good Size The Galaxy becomes random generated every time you restart the Game, Neutral No German Translation (English only) Few Settings in the Menu (but sufficient) Contra Missions repeaten/Sometimes Resemble too much No overview of Imports (but is attribution) Not particularly challenging (Build-up mode) Conclusion The Spatials approaches the base building/Management genre differently than most Games. The Concept of bringing Combat Missions into an otherwise peaceful Building genre greatly increases the Fun of The Game. The Construction mode is clear and relaxed. Getting through the Fight range a single time is allowed to take a While and so there is a high Playing Time (I managed about a quarter of the Fight in 4 Hours). The Game is definitely Worth its Price. I would recommend The Spatials to anyone looking for a Build-up game with a good Concept. If you liked this Review, follow the review Program of the German Gamer Community To find many more helpful Reviews! If you want to see more Reviews of me, you can watch more Reviews of me here!