They Bleed Pixels reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
A good game, quite nice, pretty, dynamic and with a lot of things to unlock, but sometimes still very frustrating. This is a die & retry platform, so you will die often, sometimes because of you, sometimes because of the game. It is very well controlled, however there are some points still important and annoying, which will tilt the opinion of the players in Yes or no for the recommendation. To get started: the checkpoint system, you earn points by killing enemies or picking up red coins on the level, except that sometimes you will not be able to ask after a long time because you have not killed enough enemies. But it can be long enough because some passages can be very stressful between peaks everywhere, traps more than 50 of enemies that are running on you. Second thing: no invulnerability frame, you have 3 lives that you can restore thanks to the checkpoints, if you lose them you return to the last checkpoint posed. Except that the co * * Erie is that very often you get gangbanger for a mistake, you hit an enemy or a trap that pushes you against another that ended up sending you back on another. Basically, you lose your 3 lives very often on an action because once touched you do not have 1-2 second invulnerability (to emerge from a pit for example), you can be retouched directly. VERY frustrating. Especially since the game has a lot of slippery surfaces that will push you on peaks, saw or other dangerous mechanism. Then, if the controls react well, the Hitbox of your character is quite wide and very sensitive, sometimes you will have to jump between 2 peaks, except that your perso seems attracted by these peaks, you will touch the traps while it passed wide, when you have a game as demanding and difficult with traps that you OS easily, one could leave a little more leeway and make the jumps a bit less milked. I'm OK it's a die & retry, but sometimes it will seem more frustrating than demanding and milked, you will have the sensation of being forced to eat you traps... Having to be absolutely all the time focused on the milimetric of the jumps while keeping to the eye a mass of enemies + traps + slippery surfaces, it is complicated. On portions I can understand, this is the goal of the game but it becomes H24. Getting a PIC when there was room, when next to your personal does not cling to a wall while you were well on it is once again more an unjust frustration than a feeling of difficulty alone. Anyway, it's still nice, but must have nerves under control, they bleed pixel is really very hard in its genre, so do not put in all hands... I invite you to watch the video of TomPuce84 on YouTube that he had made at the time for jvfr, I think it sums up pretty well the game, even if his look is negative.