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Tokyo School Life

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Release date
M2 Co.,LTD
Dogenzaka Lab, PQube
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Vista
  • Processor: 1.8 GHz Pentium 4
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Nintendo Store

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Tokyo School Life reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
This is the first Visual Novel I've ever bought, and I'm really positively surprised ^^ I have to say I'd like to see a little more Agency. But here's a little Overview: + The Story is interesting and towards the End Really serious and Heartbroken + Some Events are Heartwarming or like a Punch in the Stomach xD + From the Look, the Game is super + Me all 3 girls have already grown to the Heart: 3-I stel If I have my Profile when playing on Offline So no one sees that I play it xD Conclusion: Well recommended and right now that the Game is On offer, it would be a good Opportunity to buy it!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
First of all.. i want to thank the developers and publishers for making this amazing piece of work, at the beginning i thought oh hell what could go wrong, well i was suppriesed by very good voice acting and actually bouncing booby, many allusions(google translator..) after seeing the amazing opening i was like wow this game is going to be good, i played it trough (sadly on one day but i still loved every hour of this game) but then i did choose to go with Sakura she was cute mysterious, it even made me smile when she was happy , but after getting known to her illness i was really sad and i did really develop something for an fictional character, her story was so amazing and it made me cry after the end i thought she died i cryed actually, but after the caracter returns to japan and meets sakura i was like oh my god.., i cryed after seeing her again, and honestly if you would release the soundtrack on steam id buy it, ill give everyone an advice get the game you wont regret it.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
First of all, I have to say that I approached this Game without much Expectation. I happened to stumble across it and thought to myself, oh why not-is maybe something funny, sometimes something else, even if I thought this Genre was more Superficial Flirting simulators. However, the fact that behind this Game there is the most emotionally gripping game that I have ever played, I would not have expected that. I have to say that I am actually someone who is hard to get involved emotionally. His Films or even first-class role-playing Games such as Mass Effect or Dragon Age, where a lot of work is done with Emotions. In this Game, I was ultimately taken with me as if I had actually experienced this myself-and could actually not hold back my Tears towards the End-which rarely happens to me. Although the Game time with a Finish with about 10 Hours of genre is typically relatively short-and actually you have to see it more as a Kind of interactive Film-but despite everything, this Game is definitely one of the best Games I've ever played. That completely threw my View of this Genre over the Heap. So Can I recommend the Game? Definitely. This Game is worth every Penny. The Only Fet is the Fact that you have to have in-depth knowledge of English. 11/10 for unparalleled emotional Attachment
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