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Corpse Party

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Kisaragi Academy student Mayu Suzumoto is transferring to a new high school, leaving behind a sizable group of friends and countless lovely memories. To help her cope with this move, her friend Ayumi has devised a seemingly innocent plan: the whole group will come together to perform a charm she found on the internet called “Sachiko Ever After,” which is supposed to bind all of its participants together as friends to the end.
This does not go as expected.
Following an intense earthquake, the group awakens to find themselves separated and trapped in an alternate reality version of Heavenly Host Elementary, a tragedy-stricken institution that once stood on the site of their own school but was torn down long ago. Here, the vengeful spirits of elementary-aged children threaten their lives and their sanity, and the only hope of escape – much less survival – is to uncover the chilling details surrounding the murders of those trapped before them.
Corpse Party is the original Windows edition of the cult classic horror game that gained a considerable fanbase when released on Sony’s PlayStation®Portable system in 2011. Beginning life as an independent RPG Maker adventure title in 1996, the gameplay was greatly refined and the story greatly expanded for this 2008 remake, featuring more characters, more detailed interactions, darker story elements, over 5,000 lines of voice-acting and dozens of shocking, gruesome endings. Players take control of nine main characters and several side characters who’ve been split up into groups of two or three and trapped in a run-down, otherworldly elementary school full of vengeful spirits, deadly mysteries and – of course – corpses. As they walk around examining objects and bodies in an atmospheric 2D environment, a horror tale spanning over 50 years begins to unfold, and player choices determine both how the story ends and who lives to see it through.KEY FEATURESHighly Detailed Retro-Style Graphics Used to Enhance Atmosphere
Modeled after the very first RPG Maker Corpse Party, the game’s 16-bit-style 2D visuals help create an intentional disconnect that sparks the imagination, leading the player to envision far worse things than even the most powerful next-gen system could display.
Adventure-Style Gameplay Where Your Decisions Make All the Difference
Playing like a cross between a point-and-click adventure game and a classic JRPG sans battles, Corpse Party gives players the freedom to thoroughly explore every last corner of Heavenly Host Elementary School, significantly altering the course of the story and its final conclusion based on where the characters go and what they do.
Chapter-Based Storytelling with PC-Exclusive Content
The tale is told through five main chapters with multiple endings each and numerous scenes that differ from the game’s PSP™ system and Nintendo 3DS™ system counterparts. In addition, there are four bonus chapters, one of which is a PC-exclusive retelling of the “Tooth” story from Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, recreated with added content in classic Corpse Party adventure style.
Original Japanese Voice Cast and Character Art plus Text Skip Feature
Over 5,000 lines of spoken Japanese dialogue from the original indie voice cast complement the action, giving new spins on familiar characters for series veterans. In addition, the original PC-exclusive character art is fully intact, and dedicated players seeking every ending are given a speedy fast-forward function to make replays a breeze.
The Game That Started It All
When first released in 2008, this title sparked a Corpse Party boom in Japan: remakes, sequels, spin-offs, fan games, manga, anime, a live-action drama series and more, as well as countless Corpse Party-inspired horror games created by other indie developers in the same style. Come see how it all began, and experience the horror the way it was meant to be seen...

Release date
Marvelous USA
XSEED Games, Marvelous USA, MAGES, 5pb.Inc.
Age rating
Not rated
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Corpse Party reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
OK, I try to describe with Words what kind of Masterpiece we have in front of us. But first, a Note. The Review I wrote does not apply to the Steam Version, but to the FULL PSP version: Corpse Party Blood Covered "Repeatet Fear"!! There is a very simple Reason for this. The Steam Version is censored! Thus, the whole Gaming Experience and the Experiences of Horror, Gore, Psychological and the breathtakingly good Japanese Synchro Is simply taken away and instead exchanged for "Blackscreen" Or simply completely taken out. And this with a Game that is based exactly on these important Genres! Decriminate right? But enough of the Metering, let's now Get to the numerous positive Aspects of the Game (from the PSP Version, not from the Steam version). The Game Corpse Party has just 800MB and yet they managed to turn this 800MB into a Masterpiece!! On the Story: A few Friends perform a Ritual in their School, which is called "Sachiko ever after," this Ritual is supposed to strengthen the Covenant of their Friendship. But when the Ritual was performed, they suddenly found themselves in another School that has actually already been demolished. The more they inspected this School, they notice what a sick Situation they actually find, because there is no Exit and no Escape. Their Friendship and survival will be severely tested. Now we come to the fantastic Gameplay: During the Game you often have to make difficult Decisions that can subsequently affect the Story later and lead from time to time to the "Wrong End." And if you helped with the Game as I did, then these Decisions will be really difficult for you, because it is not always obvious what the right Decision would have been. The Game impresses during the Gameplay with an Atmosphere, brought about by the always accurate Background Music and sometimes displayed images that Then describe the Action even better. During the Gameplay you have to read the Subtitles, but that is not as monotonous as it sounds, as these are deposited at given times, appropriately with a Japanese Synchro. Since the Game is very old you can't really expect anything from the Graphics, which is held in 2D, but still well done. A slightly negative Point, however, is that there is no Guidance in the Game and so you are really busy looking for the right Item or the right way for a long Time. But also that is made clear by small Information Dialogues in the Game, that means that one has to read every Dialogue, because in precisely this Dialogue, the solution would be found. The Game has 5 Chapters and in each Chapter you can come to so-called "Wrong Ends," which can be brought about by wrong Decisions. The Duration of The game is loose around 3 days and if you want to find out everything is certainly 2-3 Weeks. Conclusion: This Game is a Masterpiece, you really notice how much Effort the Developers have put into it and that's what you can see from the fact that the Game has its own Opening!! So anyone Who stands on incredible Characters, a very good Story line, Psychological Aspects, Anime, Horror and Gore should definitely buy this Game!!!
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