Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
+ Squadmember act seltently when Needed and are very effective, especially with "Breach & Clear" they can completely clean large Rooms in a Fraction of a Second + Squadmemeber follow Instructions of the Player very closely (Rules of Engagement, Silencers, etc.) + Helpful Comments ("They're trying to flank us ...") + linear levels, which almost always allow different Approaches + different ways of Storming (Breach/Nade/Smoke/Flash & Clear or by Abseiling) + opponents seek Cover, fire Blindly Out Of this, often use Grenades and try to flank-tactical Depth of previous Rainbow Six Parts missing-mediocre cover shooter with Action Bubbles-short Story with boring Ending that never features tension-console Port-cover feature Makes problems sometimes-Squadting is limited to RoE, Collecting, holding position, taking cover There, opening door-Equipment of the Squadmeber cannot be adjusted-Squadmeber partially block passages-Opponents sometimes run into the middle of The Crossfire- Guns feel the same-Night Vision device useless-Riot Shield extremely strong, as it completely blocks all frontal damage-except for Breach & Clear, all Attempts At Trouble in the rapid Death of the Teammates
Translated by
Microsoft from French
As far as I remember, the Rainbow Six series was a series based on the idea of strategic FPS. Except that in 2006, you have to sell games on the new consoles (PS3 and Xbox 360). And for that, you need a gameplay playable on gamepad! So exit the complicated actions and strategy and welcome the nerve shoot. The first thing you notice is the sadness of the graphics. It has aged badly (really badly). It's all smooth, it's dull and not detailed... short it's really not nice to re-play it 12 years later. We go through bland levels almost all resembling and very linear (one is far from rogue spear) the game is rather long but the story has neither tail nor head and is the strong point of the game. A team of super terrorist attacks in Las Vegas to.... well actually I don't know. Gameplay level, we can interact with the teammates who follow us throughout the adventure. It's pretty good. Allies can go to a place, secure parts, hold positions... but in the end, it will often be used as a target to attract enemy fire. Our character can get covered but it's a part of the game system that I didn't use so it seemed useless to me. We feel that the cover system of gears of war has gone by... This is a forgetable game and I had forgotten. The only positive thing is the fact that you can play the game in local cooperation.