Tower Defense Simulator

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Tower Defense Simulator - Bachelor Thesis

In this description, I will explain all functions of this simulator and how every game developer can handle this.

Simulation Types

There are three types of simulation. The first type is without no coins and no lives. This type is to see how good or how bad are the towers. The second type is with coins or lives and the last type is with coins and with lives. This simulation is for a real tower defense game.


Keyboard Inputs:

  • "C" => Activate and deactivate the camera controller
  • "Q" => Deactivate the Turret - Choice
  • "Space" => Deactivate the Turret Change Controller

Mouse Inputs:

  1. Before Simulationstart:
    • "Left Mouse" => Create start and goal fields
    • "Right Mouse" => Create a path field
  2. After Simulationstart:
  • "Left Mouse" => click on a turret and you can change the attributes of this turret category
  • "Right Mouse" => click on a turret and you can see all important information about this one turret

Some information about this simulator

On the bottom of the game are four buttons: "Game Options", "Start", "Built Manager" and "Restart". If you click the "Game Options" button, a panel appears on the left side. On this panel you must write all important facts like grid size and spawn options. Then you can click the "Create Field" button and a grid appears on the screen. Now you can create your path - system and after that you can press the "Start" button and the simulation begins. Also the "Built Manager" appears on the right side. This panel has three buttons: "Turret", "Enemy" and "Stats". If you click the "Turret" button you can build a turret, if you click the "Enemy" button, you can change the attributes of the enemies. The last button is for the balancing.

Release date
Martin Zagar
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

System requirements for Web

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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