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TowerClimb is a difficult and rewarding procedurally generated platformer with roguelike elements.

TowerClimb is set in a fantasy world where enormous and mysterious towers of ancient unknown origin stand above humanity, extending to the heavens. Humans are driven by curiosity to climb them, usually dying in the process. Struggle forward as a weak human, driven by an iron will to reach the top.

The game borrows elements from the roguelike genre. A different adventure awaits each man; you will never play the same exact level twice. Run, Climb, Jump, Swim, and Fly your way up the tower's atmospheric and lethal worlds, using items and resources you find along your way. Quick thinking and strategy will keep you alive as you navigate the tower using unique platforming mechanics.

TowerClimb is challenging, and rewards reflexes, skill, knowledge and problem solving ability. Quite often, The tower throws your character into dangerous situations which require you to think very carefully about your actions. A unique, randomly generated level system ensures players must always come up with interesting ways to complete a level. Hundreds of men will die before you posses enough skill and knowledge to conquer the tower. A screenshot of every man's death is saved, along with how he died, to track each and every attempt.

  • TowerClimb at its core is an adventure platformer, with procedural levels and elements based on the rogue-like genre. It features local multiplayer support with an option for split-screen/single-screen. (a maximum of 25 simultaneous players is the limit. However, the game only supports 4 controllers (Xinput limitation). The remaining players must use the keyboard. A program like Xpadder can remap additional directinput controllers to keyboard keys)

  • The game features a TON of content. The Tower is tall and daunting to conquer, with plenty of areas and secrets throughout the game. Getting/seeing everything will take players a long time. There's bonus modes to unlock and play on top of the main game as well.

  • Each time you play the game, everything changes. The levels are different, random events can occur, rare items can be found, etc. The game will always keep you on your feet and give you refreshing challenges and experiences.

  • The platforming mechanics in the game are set up to feel very tight and responsive in combination with the climbing mechanics. You always need to be on your feet and aware of your surroundings, while continually planning how to climb higher. As you progress higher, different worlds introduce new mechanics that mean your play style must evolve.

5 years in the making, by Davioware and Quazi, a team of two brothers who have been developing and playing games since childhood.
Release date
Sep 22, 2015
Davioware and Quazi
Davioware and Quazi
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 128 MB VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 400 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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TowerClimb reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
This game is a pure masterpiece, an unjustly unrecognized jewel, passed unnoticed by chance or due to its rebutante form. This is one of the best representatives I know of the genus "Roguelike", quite similar to Spelunky in the spirit. The world (the Tower) is filled with elements all more astonishing than the others, which will terrorizing you the first time you meet them, especially if you are in the process of beating your height record. Everything, or almost (including some bonuses) can kill you, and yet nothing truly unfair. With a little caution, it may happen to you to understand and overcome an obstacle that was completely unknown to you before. The controls are difficult to grasp initially, but once mastered, you will realize their richness: what they allow, in terms of management of situations, is prodigious. You will end up knowing what you can do or not, and under what conditions. You will find yourself easily passing places that had seemed impossible to you, simply because you understand the workings of the various elements. What is particularly nice is that the procedural generation confronts us with always new situations, but composed of elements that we quickly learn to predict behavior (fan blades, lasers, falling blocks, peaks, and even animals, all obey very simple diagrams). A word about artistic direction: it is a pretty sketchy pixel-art, in a resolution too low for our screens, forcing almost to play in windowed mode. And yet, the filter applied to these pixels, which gives an impressionistic aspect, contributes, with the beautiful soundtrack, to form a real atmosphere. However, this creation of an atmosphere, when it is added to that of new situations by the gameplay and elements of the world of the game, makes in my opinion of this game a real masterpiece. We see that the person (I think she was more or less alone) who made this game worked it, passionately, down to its smallest detail. She even put a surprising and discreet humor, which breathing in the title a strong personality (I will say no more to not spoil the surprises). Finally, because it's important: the content is important enough to make you want to play for a long time. I do not know exactly the extent of what the game proposes, because I have not finished it, but what I have seen justifies already, in my opinion, the purchase of the game at the price "strong". In summary: demanding Roguelike with incredible artistic direction. Try it, and especially do not stop at the first impression, due above all to the apparent rigidity of the controls and the low resolution. Masterpiece!
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