TownCraft reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
I acquired Towncraft in a Bundle And alluded To without much expectation. The first 30 Minutes honestly didn't tie me up, but that was purely because I didn't get it. To save the Reader a similar 30 Minutes, here's a quick Rundown: Towncraft Is a very friendly Build-up game That actually reminds me of Banished. There are numerous Resources and (Culture) plants that can be planted or mined. The Main Task of the Game is to create new Things by combining different items, the Recipes of which are noted in a List after the first successful Craft. So You don't really know anything at the Start of The game. Hacking wildly on Trees, Stones and Convicts and looking to see if x + y gives something New. Little by little, the experiences Of success accumulate. It is very pleasant here that the Recipe List also shows what has not been built yet-for the time being, just without Ingredients. Then it's time to try it out (Or look up at The Towncraft Wiki, which helped me but is definitely in need of improvement.) The more you "crawl," the higher the Rank of "Town"-> Towncraft increases. The Warehouse in your own Backpack is unlimited and there is an additional Warehouse. You can manage everything yourself but also hire passing Foot people for Wages. The Warehouse is a Resource Storage Place for this Staff, but also serves as a Place To Drop off at Quests, which can also be accepted by People who come by at you. In any Case, something has to be made in a certain Quantity for this, but there is Money or Exchange Pigies. This is where a certain Appeal of the Game begins. If you Start on an Island without Cultivated Plants but with Wood, Coconuts and Stones, Quests are usually the only Way to get to something that can be planted in fields. There are also retailers passing by, who theoretically sell everything from the Source Material to The ultra-refined Decoteil. If you Start a challenge game on an island that has just been mentioned, you can assume that you do not sell exactly what you need: Seeds. There are no Poisks, nor Opponents in General. No Natural Disasters destroy the Harvest and the Employees do not have a Satisfaction bar. As long as you have enough Money to Pay the Employees, just keep working. The Graphics of the Game are strongly reminiscent of Facebook browser games, which certainly doesn't please everyone. The Controls are so lala, you can't zoom, nor is there a Mini-map. An Info Window informing about the Completion of Crafts pops up just above the Cross to Close windows. Definitely annoying. The Music starts again and again, but often it is also completely silent, except for the craft and Collecting Sounds. It seems to me that the Idea here has clearly taken Precedence over everything else. My Conclusion: A perfect Game to Switch off, but not just for 30min. Once you start in earnest, you want to explore more and more and find new Challenges in different Starting situations. But I would rather advise friends of great Graphics and Without Patience or Perseverance.